Troy Aikman Daughter Surgery

Troy Aikman and His Daughter Surgery

Jordan Ashley Aikman is the daughter of former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman and his first wife, Rhonda Worthey. They divorced in 2011.

She has two sisters, Alexa Marie Aikman born in 2002 and a half-sister Rachel Worthey from her mother’s side.

She is currently a student at Washington and Lee University. She has a passion for travel and adventure.

Jordan Aikman

Jordan Ashley Aikman is the daughter of famous American professional football player Troy Aikman. She was born on 24th August 2001 in Plano, Texas, United States.

She is a beautiful and athletic girl who stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall or 1.69 m. Her eyes are brown and she has blonde hair.

According to her bio, she has a great interest in adventure and academics. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Her father is Troy Aikman, a former NFL quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1989 to 2000. He is a Hall of Fame inductee and the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards.

During an interview with WFAA sports anchor Joe Trahan, Aikman spoke about parenting his two daughters. While he is known for his competitiveness, he found that his competitive spirit didn’t always fit with his daughters’ developmental needs. He learned that he had to coach his girls in ways that would help them reach their full potential.

Alexa Aikman

Troy Aikman and his ex-wife, Rhonda Worthey, welcomed their daughter Alexa Marie on July 30, 2002. Despite the age gap between their daughter and her older sister, Jordan Ashley, Alexa and Jordan always grew up together.

During their time at the Episcopal School of Dallas, they played sports like basketball and lacrosse. They were both very adventurous and loved to travel with their parents.

Her mother was a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys during her career, so she was very supportive of their athletic pursuits. They also fought hard to get their daughters helmets when playing lacrosse, so that they could be safe from injuries.

She graduated from The Episcopal School of Dallas in 2021 and went to Washington and Lee University. She is now studying for a degree in art.

Her father Troy is a famous NFL quarterback and sportscaster for Fox Network. He is also a former Pro Football Hall of Fame member and the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII. He has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Ashley Aikman

Troy Aikman is a retired NFL quarterback who was part of the Dallas Cowboys for 12 seasons. He led the team to three Super Bowl titles and was a six-time Pro Bowl selection. He has also earned a good net worth during his career.

As a former quarterback, Aikman is an endorser for various brands such as Wing Stop, Acme Brick, and Rent-a-Center. He has also started his own foundation, the Troy Aikman Foundation.

Aikman has two daughters, Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley, with his ex-wife, Rhonda Worthey. He divorced her in 2011.

His daughter Alexa, who is currently a student, does not have a net worth. However, she is very active on social media and posts photos of her and her family members.

Her father, Troy Aikman, is a former football player and has amassed a net worth of $50 million. He also receives a salary of $7.5 million after retiring from professional football.

Aikman has married fashion merchant Catherine Mooty in 2017. The couple have two stepsons, and have blended their two families together.

Troy Aikman’s Net Worth

Troy Aikman has accumulated an incredible amount of money over the course of his professional football career. He is now a well-known sportscaster and has earned a fortune through commercial endeavors.

As a result, his net worth is estimated to be around $55 million as of 2022. In addition to his salary, he also receives endorsement deals from various brands.

His family leads an opulent life with plenty of luxuries. Their 10700-square-foot house in Highland Park has six bedrooms, a home theatre, and a pool.

They even have a car garage for all their cars, including their Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

In fact, he has been known to post pictures of himself in exotic locations on Instagram.

The former husband of fashionista Catherine Mooty is a proud father to two daughters, Jordan and Alexa. Both of them grew up with their father and are currently a year apart in age. They are not allowing their father’s fame and fortune to interfere with their lives.

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