David Benavidez Wife

David Benavidez Wife and Mother

Having a strong support system can be the difference between success and failure in sports. And in David Benavidez’s case, his wife, Karina, has shown her commitment to the boxer and his career by providing him with unconditional love.

She is a model and social media influencer who lives in Seattle, Washington. She has harnessed her business acumen by launching multiple ventures. Her latest one is a boutique called ‘Dress in Love’.

Karina Benavides is an entrepreneur

Karina Benavides is an entrepreneur who owns several businesses. She is also a model and social media influencer.

Karina is based in Seattle, Washington and has an Instagram account with over 116k followers. She appears to have modeling aspirations and has launched multiple companies, including dress in love, the shoe closet, and nude by karina.

She is very supportive of her husband and regularly attends his boxing matches to cheer him up. She is also a mother to her son, Anthony.

Her husband is one of the most exciting young boxers in the world today, and his talent has made him a household name. He is ranked as the best active super middleweight by The Ring and has won all 26 of his fights so far.

The former WBC super middleweight champion is a strong person who is blessed to have a support system outside the ring. He is thankful to his father for all of his help and his mother for raising him with love.

She is a model

David Benavidez has been accompanied to many of his boxing matches by Karina Silva, who is a model and social media influencer. She has amassed a large following on Instagram thanks to her beauty and entrepreneurial skills.

Karina is an avid supporter of her husband’s boxing career and frequently shares heartwarming images of the American-Mexican and their son on her social media accounts. Besides modelling, she has also opened several clothing boutiques.

A devoted partner, she has been there for the ‘Mexican Monster’ through thick and thin. She has often been seen accompanying him to his boxing bouts as he continues to climb the ranks of the sport.

The pair welcomed their son, Anthony Benavidez, into the world in September 2020. The baby boy is now 2 years old and his parents are a proud family.

She is a social media influencer

Karina Benavides is a social media influencer who has an impressive following on Instagram. She shares photos of herself and her husband David, showing off their relationship and their new son Anthony.

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She is a mother

The wife of professional boxer David Benavidez, Karina Silva, is a mother. She has been blessed with a baby boy named Anthony Benavidez.

She is an entrepreneur who has been married to David for over a year and a half. She has a huge social media following and shares updates on her personal life regularly.

Despite having a professional career, she remains very close to her husband and considers him blessed to have a partner like her.

Her Instagram handle is rife with family pictures and she posts messages about her baby boy often.

She is an aspiring entrepreneur who has been married to professional boxer David Benavidez for over a year and a half. Her social media followers are over 115k, and she regularly updates her recent photos.

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