Tracie Fleck

Tracie Fleck

Fleck’s enthusiasm never wanes. It was his recruiting wins that brought him to Minnesota last January and he is known for his energy and talk-show style of coaching.

Fleck’s “Row the Boat” mantra is one of his most popular quotes. It is said to have originated after he lost his son, Colt, and it extends to the program as well as life in general.

She was married to Clint Brady

P.J. Fleck is a well-known American football coach who is known for his ‘Row the Boat’ mantra, which he developed after one of his sons died. The term has become a popular one, as it is believed to be motivating for the team.

The former Western Michigan Broncos head coach has five children, including stepson Gavin Jackson, and sons Carter Joseph (C. J.), Colt, and Paisley Jane. He also has a daughter, Harper.

Although his wife, Heather Jackson, does not have any kids of her own, they still spend time with their children. The two make a triangle trip each year to gather their kids, and they call or FaceTime their other parent whenever they can’t be there.

The Life After Lockup alum has been struggling to get her life back together after her break-up with Clint Brady, but she recently shared a video of herself reminding fans to continue watching the show every Friday. According to her, there are around two or three episodes left before the end of the series.

She was dating Lucas Loera

tracie fleck was once in a relationship with Lucas Loera. Their on-screen chemistry made them look like a perfect match, but the couple went their separate ways after two months of dating.

The couple met through YouTuber Kingsley, who introduced them to each other via video. They later talked about their fairytale love story in a Super Fame interview.

They were also spotted together at events. But it wasn’t until 2012 when they started talking on Facebook.

He has also been linked to Taylor Swift and Debby Ryan, but these romances didn’t last long either.

According to People, Fleck’s first wife, Tracie Striebel, filed for divorce in 2015. However, there is no concrete reason as to why the former pair got a divorce.

PJ Fleck married a second wife, Heather Jackson, in 2016. The American football coach and his wife have four kids with him, Carter Joseph, Colt, Paisley Jane, and Harper Marie.

She was born in Midland, Texas

Tracie Fleck was born on June 9, 1924, in Midland, Texas. She is the daughter of Fred and Caroline (Moody) McDonald.

She is married to P.J. Fleck, who is the head football coach for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The couple has four children, including a son named Colt.

Her husband has gained a name for himself in the sports world with his charisma and attempts to energize his football program. He also established a program-wide mantra of “rowing the boat.”

The couple’s first child, Colt, died not long after he was born due to a heart issue.

His wife, Tracie, says that it was her husband’s positive energy that helped him get through a tough time. She described him as the most energetic and optimistic person she’s ever met.

PJ Fleck is currently active on Instagram with his username, @fleck_yeah. He has 721 Followers, 126 Followings and 16 Posts. He frequently posts pictures related to football.

She died in Las Vegas

Tracie Fleck passed away at age 60 on December 17, 2016. She was a beautiful woman who loved to read, cook, sew and play with her children. She also enjoyed gardening and spending time with her pets.

She was a wife and a mother, who devoted her life to her family and career. She is survived by her husband, Pj Fleck and two daughters.

Her favorite pastime was reading and she often read books on her Kindle. She also enjoyed listening to music and dancing. She was a great teacher and always taught her students how to love their family and friends.

She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in brain research and a master’s in rehabilitation counseling, with a focus on deafness. She is also a case worker and an effort facilitator at the Center for Women in Transition and Project Reconnect. She is a woman of many talents, and is a true fan of the Minnesota Gophers.

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