Shawna Frank

Shawna Frank

Frank was an American actor and martial artist best known for his roles as Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers franchise. He also fought in several mixed martial arts bouts.

Frank, 49, died of suicide on November 19, 2022 in Texas. The news was confirmed by his wife Tammie Frank.

What is her Net Worth?

Shawna Frank is a public figure best known as the ex-wife of the late Power Rangers star and also mixed martial artist Jason David Frank. She was married to him in 1994 and they remained together for more than six years.

She had three children with her husband before they divorced in 2001. Since then, she has stayed away from the limelight and paparazzi cameras.

Her ex-husband was a famous American actor and martial artist, who was best known for playing the role of Tommy Oliver on the Power Rangers television series. He died in a hotel room in Texas on November 19, 2022 at the age of 49.

Where is she from?

Shawna Frank is a public figure in the United States. She is best known for being the first wife of the late actor and martial artist Jason David Frank.

She was married to Jason in 1994 and had three children with him. However, their marriage did not last long and was dissolved on April 11, 2001.

Frank has since kept her personal life out of the spotlight. She hasn’t been active on social media.

Is she married?

Shawna frank is not married to any of her ex-husbands. She has never used any social media platform to share her life with the public.

She has been in a relationship with Jason David Frank for over seven years. They have three children together: Hunter Frank, Jacob Frank, and Skye Frank.

Sadly, she lost her husband in 2022. He committed suicide in Texas. He was found hanging in his hotel bathroom.

Is she a mother?

Shawna Frank is a mother of three children. Her two sons are Jacob Frank and Hunter Frank, while her daughter is Skye Frank.

She was married to Jason David Frank in 1994 and divorced him on April 11, 2001. She later remarried to Tammie Frank in 2003.

She was a martial artist and an actor. She is best known for her work in Power Rangers. She is also a Muay Thai Black Belt instructor. She was also a star on My Morphing Life, a reality show that ran alongside Power Rangers.

How did Jason David Frank die?

Jason David Frank, an actor and mixed martial artist, died on Sunday at the age of 49. His cause of death was not disclosed at the time.

He was best known for playing Tommy Oliver, aka the Green Ranger, on the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” television show. He then went on to star in multiple TV and film adaptations of the popular franchise throughout the 1990s.

He was also a martial arts instructor, opening several schools in California and Texas. He taught a style of fighting he developed called Toso Kune Do, which incorporates many different martial arts styles. He was an eighth-degree black belt in karate.

How tall is she?

Shawna frank is a tall girl, standing 5 feet 5 inches in height with a body weight of 58 kg. She is also a martial arts expert and a professional skydiver.

She is also a proud mom of three kids, Jenna Frank, Jacob Frank, and Hunter Frank. She is also a member of the Rising Sun Karate NTC.

She is a former wife of the late Jason David Frank (famous American actor and martial artist). The two married in 1994, divorced in 2001, and were together for a decade before he passed away on 19th November 2022.

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