Tinsley Beane

Tinsley Beane

Tinsley Beane is a daughter of baseball icon Billy Beane. She was born on 4th January 2008.

Her father, Billy Beane, is a former professional baseball player who is currently a minority owner of Barnsley FC in EFL League One. He also serves as an Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics.

She is the daughter of Billy Beane

Tinsley Beane is the daughter of former American baseball player Billy Beane and his wife Tara. She was born on January 4, 2008, and is the twin sister to her brother Brayden Beane.

She has a close relationship with her parents and siblings, though she remains out of the limelight. In fact, she has stayed away from social media and hasn’t revealed much about her life.

Her father, Billy, was a famous American baseball player, and the movie Moneyball made him an icon outside of sports. In the movie, Kerris Dorsey played her father’s daughter Casey, and it was a touching depiction of their relationship.

The former baseball player is an alumnus of Kenyon College, Ohio, and she currently works for Citadel LLC in Chicago, Illinois as an associate in the finance and accounting department.

In addition to her role as an asset manager, Casey is also a devoted fan of Arsenal football team and the English Premier League (EPL). She has even cited former Manchester United manager Arsene Wenger as a personal idol.

During his career as a professional baseball player, Bill Beane was often confined to his home state of California due to the geographic limitations of his field. Consequently, he chose to stay there with his family. Eventually, he was able to live a full and happy life.

She is the daughter of Tara Beane

Tara Beane is a happily married woman and mother of two kids. She is married to Billy Beane, the former professional baseball player who is now a front office executive at the Oakland Athletics.

She has been together with Billy Beane since 1999, and they have two children, a son Brayden and a daughter Tinsley. She also is a doting stepmother to Casey Beane, the child of Billy’s previous marriage to Cathy Sturdivant.

Billy and Tara first met when they were children, and they remained close friends for years. After a divorce from Cathy, Billy and Tara reconnected again in the 1990s and stayed together for over 20 years.

When they finally got married, they had a very private ceremony that included only family and close friends. They have been happily married ever since and have two children, a boy and a girl.

They live in an upscale house in Danville, California. It has a large garden and an outside pool.

Billy and Tara have a very strong bond with each other, and they value their family and friendship more than anything else. They have been happily married for more than twenty years. They have twin children and are very proud of them.

She is the daughter of Casey Beane

tinsley beane is the daughter of Casey Beane, the daughter of former American baseball player Billy Beane. She is also the stepdaughter of Tara Beane, her father’s second wife and the mother of twins Tinsley and Brayden Beane.

She studied at Sage Hill School (2004 to 2008) and Kenyon College, Ohio (2008 to 2012). She is currently working as a director at Balyasny Asset Management LP, Chicago, Illinois.

Her net worth is estimated at $100,000 to $1 million. She has a lot of respect and admiration for her father, who is a minority owner of EFL League One’s Barnsley FC as well as the Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics.

The daughter of a famous figure is not the kind to let her fame and attention go to her head, however; she has chosen to stay out of the limelight. Her social media accounts seem to be inactive at times and she prefers to remain quiet about her personal life.

She has a lovely bond with her two siblings from her father’s second marriage, Brayden and Tinsley. Despite her kin being descendants of her progression mother, she feels a deep connection with them all and loves each of them. They have a beautiful relationship and she is incredibly proud of them.

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