Naiella Colter

Naiella Colter

Naiella Colter is the daughter of Mike Colter and Iva Colter. She is seven years old and lives with her parents in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Iva Colter is a famous actress and she is the wife of popular author, Mike Colter. She is a South Carolina native who runs Netflix America’s entertainment company, Talent acquisition.

She is the daughter of Mike Colter and Iva Colter

Mike Colter and Iva Colter are proud parents of a beautiful daughter named Naiella. They are happy and very contented with their family life.

Iva is an American actress, author, and consultant. She has an impressive educational background, and she has a Master’s degree in Gender and Culture from Central European University and a PhD in comparative literature from Rutgers University.

She has worked in the consulting sector for several years and has accumulated a good salary. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

As of 2019, she is living in Los Angeles with her husband and their two daughters. She shares her pictures on Instagram and loves to spend time with her kids.

The husband and wife are reportedly preparing to welcome baby number two for their family. Mike and Iva Colter are very proud of their children, and they make sure to spend quality time with them whenever possible.

She is seven years old

She is the daughter of popular American actor Mike Colter and Iva Colter. She was born in 2015 and has a sister that hasn’t been revealed yet by her parents to the media.

Her parents are a couple of high-class individuals who enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Her father has a net worth of $2 million while her mother has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Naiella has an amazing personality. She has a great sense of humor and is very honest in her dealings with people.

She also loves animals and has a pet dog named Bella. She is very fashion sensitive and takes good care of her appearance at all times.

She is also a great dancer. She has been dancing since she was two years old. She is a very talented child and she will surely make her mark in the entertainment industry.

She has no social media account

The daughter of Mike Colter and Iva Colter, Naiella, has never been on any social media accounts. Her parents decided to keep her private and inactive for their own security reasons.

Her mother, Iva Colter is a director of talent acquisition at Netflix Inc. She has a Master’s degree in gender and culture from Central European University, along with a Ph.D. She also studied philosophy.

She grew up in New Jersey and now lives in Los Angeles with her family. She is married to actor Mike Colter and they have two daughters, Naiella and Dominique.

Despite her age, she is very calculative. Her father, Mike Colter, says that she is a great kid who learns quickly.

She is very savvy when it comes to communicating her desires, as she knows how much she can get away with. She is a very intelligent girl who loves her mom and sister. She is a very happy little girl.

She is a happy child

She is the proud daughter of Mike Colter and Iva Colter, and she has been a delight to watch grow up. She is a lovely little girl and she looks like she will be a very talented actress in the years to come.

She was born in 2015 and she has a sister who is just a few months younger. Her parents are doing quite well for themselves and they make an impressive team.

Despite their success, they still remain humble and are very modest people in general. They have built a solid foundation of trust and faith in each other.

It is not a surprise that she has been able to see her parents off to a good start. She has been a very happy child from an early age and she has grown up in a very loving and supportive environment. The family is a close knit group and they love each other to no end.

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