Michelle Kwan Husband Jeff Gillooly

Is Michelle Kwan Still Married to Jeff Gillooly?

Michelle Kwan has been a two-time Olympic medalist and a five-time world champion in her athletic career as a figure skater. She has also won nine U.S. championships in her career.

She has been married to Jeff Gillooly since 2010. The duo have two children together.

Who is Michelle Kwan married to?

The 41-year-old figure skater, Michelle Kwan, recently gave birth to a baby daughter. She revealed the news on Instagram and also shared a video montage of her pregnancy journey with her fans.

However, speculations are rife that her baby father is her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly. In fact, the figure skater is not married to her husband but rather has a new partner in her life.

As a retired athlete, she has been very busy with her public career and now works as an American ambassador to Belize. She also has a Masters in International Relations.

She is a world-renowned figure skater, who has won two Olympic Silver medals and one Bronze Medal. She also has five world championships and nine US Championships to her name.

Who is her husband Jeff Gillooly?

Jeff Gillooly is a former skater who has two children, Noah Harding and Haley Nicole. He was married to Tonya Harding for three years before they divorced in 1993.

Jeff and Michelle Kwan met in 2011 when she was at Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. They were married in 2013. However, they filed for divorce after Clay Pell filed for divorce in 2017.

She was recently married to Youna Kim and they welcomed their first child together. Kalista Belle Kwan was born on February 2021.

The 41-year-old former figure skater has kept her personal life away from the media. She has mentioned that she has a new special person in her life but has not revealed who he is.

The unscripted TV star is tight-lipped about his previous failed marriage and this makes it difficult to get details. He reportedly started dating Gabrielle Zausch in 2017 and she has been with him ever since. He has posted pictures of them on his Instagram page.

Is Michelle Kwan still married to Jeff Gillooly?

In recent times, there has been a lot of speculation about whether Michelle Kwan is still married to Jeff Gillooly. Despite the rumors, she is not currently married to him.

After her first marriage with Clay Pell ended in 2017, the former skater has been linked to Youna Kim. However, she has kept her relationship with him quiet since then.

Although she has a lot of fame, her family is her priority and she always tries to be a good mother for her kids. She is a happy mom and always shares adorable pictures with her family.

After a successful career as a figure skater, Kwan has turned her attention to politics and international relations. She has served as a Public Diplomacy Envoy to Belize. She has also enrolled at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Is Michelle Kwan married to Youna Kim?

The question of whether Michelle Kwan is married to Youna Kim has come up again. This time, the 41-year-old figure skater has given birth to her first child, a gorgeous baby girl.

She has shared a photo of her baby on Instagram and revealed that she’s “overjoyed” by her daughter’s arrival. But, her fans want to know more about her partner and the father of her daughter.

Youna Kim is a former high school classmate of Michelle’s, as per reports. They have been together for a few years now, but Michelle kept their relationship extremely secret from the media.

They are both in their 40s or 50s, but the details about his age and his birthday have not been disclosed publicly. However, it is believed that he is a dentist. He is currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee.

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