Isabelle Butker

Isabelle Butker

Isabelle is the mayor’s secretary in New Leaf. She is a very capable person who can be forgetful sometimes, but you can always count on her to help you.

She has a twin brother called Digby. She can be irritated by Digby because he calls her “baby brother.” Jock villagers mention that Isabelle gets angry if someone breaks a window, implying that she is not a gentle person.

She is married to Harrison Butker

Isabelle butker is the wife of Harrison Butker, an NFL kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs. They are happily married and have two children together.

She is also a professional real estate agent and an interior designer. She is an avid philanthropist and has made several charitable efforts.

In her personal life, she is a loving and supportive wife who has helped her husband achieve his goals. Despite their busy schedules, they make time to spend with each other and their kids.

Her philanthropic initiatives focus on helping children and their families. She has also served as a nanny and a teacher for children with special needs.

Isabelle Butker was born in Georgia to a Roman Catholic family and is currently living with her husband and children. She enrolled at Rhodes College in Memphis where she double majored in computer science and Spanish. She also tutored students in math and worked for a pet rescue.

She is a mother

Isabelle Butker is a mother to her son James Augustine Butker. She dated him during their high school days, cheered him on while he was at Georgia Institue of Technology, and she was by his side when he was signed to the Kansas City Chiefs.

As a mother, she is dedicated to raising her kids. She is constantly trying to improve herself so that she can be the best mother possible.

She also likes to share her joy with other people. She often posts pictures of her daughter and shares cute moments with her boyfriend Gregg Homan.

Despite her busy schedule, she always manages to make time for her family. She takes her baby girl to the beach and a lot of other places.

She is also an avid Animal Crossing fan. She is the mayor’s assistant in the game, and she always wants to help her villagers.

She is a wife

Isabelle Butker married her husband, Harrison Butker, back in 2018. They are college sweethearts and have dated each other for 7 years. After college, they tied the knot and have been happy ever since.

She is a loving and supportive wife who always has her husband’s best interest at heart. She is also a great mother to their two children.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and painting. She also loves spending time with her family and friends.

She is a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Georgia and majored in Spanish and computer science. She also worked at a pet shelter in high school and tutored students in math. She was also a volleyball and basketball player while attending Rhodes College.

She is a celebrity

She is a popular Tiktok model and Instagram star. She is known for her sexy body and beautiful smile.

She was born in 1994 and currently resides in Mableton, Georgia, USA. She is the wife of NFL kicker Harrison Butker and is a mother of two children.

In her spare time, she works as a social media influencer and digital content creator. She posts videos, photos and other visuals of her life to her Instagram account, 365k.

Isabelle has over 1.5 million followers on her account. She is also the founder of her own fashion brand, Momomao Productions.

Her husband Harrison is an NFL kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs. They have two children, a daughter and a son.

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