Keith Christian

Keith Christian

Known for his music, Keith Christian has a deep love for God. He has a strong spiritual foundation, which is why he strives to share his faith with others.

He and his wife Kellie Martin are proud parents of two children, Margaret Heather Christian and Olivia James Christian. Their net worth is estimated to be $3 million in 2022.

His Life

Keith Christian is an American attorney who got into the limelight when he married actress Kellie Martin. He is the father of two daughters, Maggie and Olivia.

He was born on October 21, 1953, in Sheepshead Bay, New York. His family moved to the San Fernando Valley, California a year later.

His mom, a former big band singer, nurtured her son’s gift for music from an early age. His bold personality, musical talent and zest for life drew an audience.

However, he was always destined for more than just musical success. His journey to find the true meaning of life would take him through the hippie movement, drugs and eastern mysticism.

After years of searching, he finally found the truth. The transformation of his life was instantly reflected in the lyrics of his songs. They were potent with evangelical zeal.

His Music

Keith Green was an extraordinary songwriter who had a deep spiritual impact on countless lives. His songs were rooted in his own personal spiritual journey, and often birthed in prayer.

Born in Sheep’s Head Bay, New York, on October 21, 1953, he moved to California in 1960 with his family. He was an accomplished child stage actor and a talented musician.

He had a knack for writing catchy songs. His music was a mix of rock and gospel.

During his teen years, he began running away from home to find musical adventure and spiritual truth. He experimented with drugs, eastern mysticism, and free love.

But eventually he began to feel disillusioned and depressed. He began looking for a sense of purpose, and found it in Jesus Christ.

After his conversion, Keith and Melody opened their home to anyone with a need or who wanted to kick drugs. They also ministered to the poor and the homeless. Their ministry was short-lived, but they left a legacy that has continued to affect contemporary Christian music.

His Personality

Keith Christian is a well-known lawyer, who specializes in maritime and transportation law. He is also a cattle rancher and owns a ranch in Colorado.

He married the actress Kellie Martin on May 15, 1999 and they have two children together. Their second daughter is named Olivia James Christian, born on February 13, 2016.

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His Wife

Keith Christian is married to Kellie Martin, who is his confidant, strength and support. They met when they were both undergraduate students at Yale University in the United States.

After they got married, they welcomed two children together. Their first child, Margaret Heather Christian, was born in 2007 and their second daughter, Olivia James Christian, was born in 2016.

He is a lawyer who specializes in maritime and transportation law. He is a partner at his law firm, located in Woodland Hills and Studio City, California.

His wife is a prominent actress who has gained popularity for her roles in several productions. She is also a recurring guest star on Army Wives.

Keith is a headstrong businessman who owns many businesses. He started out as a lawyer, but later decided to become a cattle rancher. He owns a ranch in rural Colorado and works from there when he is not in Los Angeles.

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