Maria Gimena Boccadoro

Maria Gimena Boccadoro

Maria Gimena Boccadoro, a Argentine artist and interior decorator who is also a songwriter, is known for her eccentric art forms. However, she is most popular as the daughter of Argentine pop singer Diego Verdaguer.

Despite her popularity, Gimena Boccadoro remains a private person. She prefers not to reveal the details of her relationship life to the public.

Diego Verdaguer

Diego Verdaguer es un cantante Mexicano y argentino. He was born in Buenos Aires on 26 April 1951, and he lived in Mexico from 1980 onwards.

Diego’s first hit was in 1973 with the song “Yo te amo.” He has also earned a Latin Grammy nomination. He is a singer and musician who plays the trumpet and the bandoneon. He has released many albums in his career, and he is the father of Amanda Miguel and Ana Victoria.

He opened his own record company, DIAM MUSIC MEXICO SA DE CV, in 1987, and since then has acquired all the rights to his masters. He has also produced several of his songs and he has sold over 80 thousand records in the United States and Mexico.

Diego Verdaguer y Maria Gimena boccadoro met and married in 1975, and they have a daughter named Ana Victoria. The couple have been together for more than 45 years, and they continue to maintain a very close relationship.

Amanda Miguel

Amanda Miguel was born on June 1, 1956, in Gaiman, Chubut, Argentina. She is a popular singer and songwriter who has been known for her songs since 1980.

Her first album El Sonido Volumen I was recorded in 1981 and subsequently published. Her career continued to flourish after that.

She was a member of Diego Verdaguer’s musical group Mediterraneo until 1982, when she launched her solo career. Her albums were a success, with the hits Asi No Te Amara Jamas and Mi Buen Corazon becoming staples on Los Angeles radio stations.

The Argentine singer is a mother of two daughters, Ana Victoria and Ximena. She was married to Verdaguer until his death in 2022 due to COVID-19 — a disease that caused a devastating impact on Latin music.

Ana Victoria

Maria Gimena Boccadoro (Ana Victoria), a singer and actress, is the sister of the famous Latin American singer Amanda Miguel and the Argentine songwriter Diego Verdaguer. She works as a singer-songwriter and has released three studio albums so far: Ready, AV and Color Amor.

She has a daughter named Lucca who was born in 2017. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Thomas Keough.

On social media, her life is relatively private and she prefers not to share much about it with the public. However, she has posted pictures of herself and Thomas cuddling on Instagram with sweet words.

The singer Ana Victoria is a talented artist who has become very popular in the world of music. Her first single was titled “La Reina” and it became an anthem for the LGBT community. She has also been nominated for a Latin Grammy award in 2012.


Ximena Boccadoro is one of the daughters of Diego Verdaguer, she has little information out there on her as she is kept private away from the public. However, she does live a happy life with her husband Thomas Keough and posts pictures of herself with him cuddling on Instagram.

Known for her love of art, Maria Gimena Boccadoro has been painting and drawing since she was a child. She has also worked as a dancer, song writer and record producer.

Her love of art has led her to live and work in Mexico as well as the United States. She has established her own unique style and technique in painting and pottery.

She has been an incredibly successful artist with numerous awards and accolades including being nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2012. Her career was further enhanced when she was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the National Academy of the Arts. She currently lives in Los Angeles California.

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