Javaughn J Porter

Javaughn J Porter

Meet Javaughn J Porter, the son of rapper Blueface and actress Jaidyn Alexis. He is just a few months old, but already a star in his own right.

The young rapper has a great relationship with his parents and shares a lot of bonding time with them. He even shared a video of him adorning his father with a rapper chain and watch.


Javaughn J Porter is a young rapper who has earned huge attention in the hip-hop scene. He raps in a style that incorporates East Coast influences and personal experiences. He has recently released a number of singles and two full-length albums that have captivated fans across the globe.

His father is Johnathan Michael Porter, whose real name is Blueface and his mother is a skincare product line manager named Jaidyn Alexis. The couple had three children together but they eventually split up.

According to his social media accounts, the rapper is a great dad who shares a close bond with his son. In fact, he even sang a song for him and tattooed his name on his right arm.

As a parent, he enjoys spending time with his son and always makes sure that they have a lot of fun! They also love to attend events together and just chill at home. They are a great example of how to bond with your kids and keep them close.


Javaughn J Porter is a 5 year old celebrity boy who has gained a lot of attention in the media for being the son of rapper Blueface. He was born on April 29, 2019, to Blueface and his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis.

Blueface is a well-known American rapper who rose to fame in the rap industry. He has collaborated with famous artists like Cardi B and Drake on various tracks. He also has a huge social media following and has racked up a net worth of $5 million.

He is the father of a young child and has a great relationship with his little bundle of joy. The rapper has tattooed his son’s name on his arm, and the two are often spotted together at events.

The 5-year-old is a big fan of his father and shares a close bond with the hip-hop star. He is also a proud big brother to his 3-month-old sister Journey Alexis Porter.

Personal Life

Born in April 2017 to rapper Blueface and his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis, Javaughn is a very special child. He has a unique style and is known for his voice. He has appeared in his rapper dad’s music video Deadlocs.

He also has a cute little sister named Journey Alexis Porter whom was born in 2022. The two of them are a happy family and love to spend time together.

His mother is a beauty and skincare product line manager while his father is a famous rapper. They are not married, but they share a very close relationship and have been together for several years.

Their parents are very proud of them and they have a great relationship with each other. Their mom, Jaidyn, even shares photos of her son on Instagram and they have a lot of fans who are very supportive of them.


Javaughn j. porter is a cute baby boy born on October 21, 2019, to rapper Blueface and singer Jaidyn Alexis. He is just a few months old and already he is gaining a large following on Instagram.

He is also a model for different brands of clothing including Baby Phat x Russell Simmons and Butter Super Soft. He has an impressive portfolio and we are sure that he will become a star as he grows up.

His parents have a very successful career, and they are certainly able to take care of their son well. They have both been very open about their son and shared lots of pictures on social media.

They have two adorable children, Javaughn and Journey. They have been very happy together and they enjoy spending time with their family. They have been a very good parents and they make an amazing team.

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