Gwen Yeargain

Gwen Yeargain

Gwen Yeargain is the ex-wife of country music legend, Hank Williams Jr. She was married to him from 1971 to 1977 before they divorced.

They had a son named Shelton Hank Williams III. Shelton has since made his way into the music industry and is now a well-known musician.

Who is Gwen Yeargain?

Gwen Yeargain is an American celebrity and is famous for being the ex-wife of Hank Williams Jr. She was married to Williams from 1971 to 1977 and together they have a son named Hank Williams III.

She is also a famous fashion designer and runs her own clothing line. She was born in Watertown, Tennessee and is an American citizen.

Her birthday is January 1st, 1970 and her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is a savvy business woman and loves to wear trendy clothes and shoes.

Her husband is a famous country musician who is known for his song ‘All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight’ and is the father to one of the most popular music videos of all time, ‘Meanwhile Back Home’. He has a son Shelton Hank Williams with his first wife, Gwen Yeargain and two daughters Holly and Hilary with his second wife, Becky White. Shelton is a talented musician and has followed in his parents’ footsteps.

Hank Williams Jr.’s First Wife

Gwen Yeargain is the first wife of country music legend Hank Williams Jr. She married him in 1971 and they had a son named Shelton Hank Williams.

Before she met Hank Williams, she was a model and spent a lot of time on the beach in Florida. She was also known for her work with Hawaiian Tropic Lotion.

Hank Williams’s first wife, Audrey Sheppard, was a divorced mother of one child. She was a big fan of Hank Williams and she referred to him as “Hank Williams’ Widow” in her letters.

Despite her disagreements, she had an impact on Hank Williams. She was the person who gave him the strength to continue his career and she even won a house and half of his royalties.

Hank Williams and his wife, Mary Jane Thomas, were married in 1990. They had two children – daughter Katherine and son Samuel. They were divorced in 2007 but later reconciled.

Hank Williams Jr.’s Second Wife

Gwen Yeargain was a model who met Hank Williams Jr. at a concert in 1985 and the pair tied the knot in 1990.

Hank and Gwen were married for six years before they split. Hank then went on to marry a woman named Becky White in 1977.

While Gwen was a model, Hank became an actor and started playing on a show called The Louisiana Hayride. He was also a country music singer who was known for his swagger and hedonistic songs.

However, the marriage lasted for just a few years before they divorced. Hank then married Mary Jane Thomas in 1990, which was his third marriage.

Mary Jane died on March 22nd, 2022. She was a former model who worked for Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion. She and Hank had three children together.

Hank Williams Jr.’s Third Wife

Mary Jane Thomas was a famous American model who met Hank Williams Jr. in 1985 at a concert in Washington State. They tied the knot in 1990, and the couple had two children together.

Her death came as a shock to fans. It’s the latest tragedy to hit this country music legend and his family.

TMZ reported that she suffered a complication following a medical procedure and died. Her body was found at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa in Florida on March 22nd.

The singer’s third wife, Mary Jane Thomas, reportedly died of a blood clot. Her death is not being treated as suspicious at this point.

Hank and Mary had two children together, a daughter named Katie who died in 2020 from a car accident, and son Sam Williams. They also have three grandchildren: Beau Weston Dunnings, Audrey Jane Dunnings, and Tennyson Williams. Despite the fact that they are a famous couple, Mary Jane Thomas is very private and does not like to share her personal life with the public.

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