Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick is an American actor who grew up from the humble platform of being a movie extra. He has a wide range of acting roles and has been part of several hit movies.

He has acted in films such as The Heavenly Kid, Iron Eagle, and Promised Land. He has also starred in various television shows.

He was born in Chicago

Gedrick was born in Chicago on February 7th, 1965. He attended Gordon Technical High School in his home city. He has a life path number of 3. This indicates that he is a creative and inspirational person with a gift for communication.

Gedrick began his acting career with a small role in the 1983 film Bad Boys. He later starred in the movie Iron Eagle, which was a major success and propelled him to stardom. He has also starred in numerous television shows including Murder One, Boomtown, and Promised Land.

He was married to Dana Lavas in 1989, and has three children. Their names are Garrett, Ty, and Jian Gedrick. Sadly, their marriage ended in divorce in 1997. Since then, Gedrick has not been in a relationship. He has kept his personal life private and is not in the news often. He has also been very secretive about his net worth. This is something that he does not want the public to know.

He has three children

Born Jason Michael Gedroic, he changed his last name to the more pronounceable Gedrick and began his career as a movie extra in movies like Bad Boys and Risky Business. He later gained a following as a television actor appearing in shows like Murder One and Boomtown. He also had recurring roles in TV shows such as The Heavenly Kid, Iron Eagle, Backdraft, Rooftops and Sweet Justice.

The actor was married to Dana Lavas and they had three children named Garrett, Ty, and Jian Gedrick. However, the marriage did not last long and they divorced in 1997.

The busy actor tries to spend as much time as possible with his kids. He even cooks for them and washes their clothes! He is a great father and has never been involved in any scandals. He is a life path 3 which means he is very creative and has a lot of energy. He has a very good sense of humor and is very witty.

He has no wife

After a long time of being a background actor, Gedrick finally got some notable roles in films like Bad Boys and Risky Business. He also acted in other movies such as The Zoo Gang, The Heavenly Kid and Iron Eagle. He appeared in several television series such as Backdraft and Sweet Justice.

He also starred in the short-lived TV drama series Class of 96. He played the character of Officer Tom Turcotte in this show. He is also known for his role in the television shows Boomtown and Murder One.

Gedrick has two older siblings and is of part-Polish descent. He was married to Dana Lavas in 1989 and they had three children named Garrett, Ty and Jian Gedrick. However, the couple divorced in 1997. He has not been romantically involved with anyone since the end of his marriage and has kept his private life quite discreet. He is estimated to have a net worth of over $1.5 million.

He has a net worth

He is a very talented actor and he has been successful in his career. He earns a huge amount of money from his movies and TV shows. His net worth is around $1.5 million.

He started his acting career in 1983 as a movie extra. He appeared in several films such as Bad Boys and Risky Business. He also worked as a stuntman in several movies and TV shows. He was a part of the American coming-of-age crime drama film The Zoo Gang and the thriller movie The Heavenly Kid.

Gedrick has been a part of numerous TV series as well, including Luck and Desperate Housewives. He also starred in the first season of Steven Bochco’s television series Murder One. He is an American citizen and is of white ethnicity. He married Dana Lavas in 1989 and has three children. They were together for 8 years until they divorced in 1997. He is currently single.

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