Is Dana Perino a Mother

Is Dana Perino a Mother?

Dana Perino is a Fox News journalist and a co-host of the network’s talk show, The Five. She also hosts the show The Daily Briefing and America’s Newsroom.

In addition to her job as a news anchor, she is also a dedicated dog mom. She has a dog named Percy, who she acquired in November 2021 after the death of her previous dog Jasper.

She is married to Peter McMahon

Dana Perino is married to Peter McMahon, a businessman from Blackpool in England. They have been together since 1997 and will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary later this year.

She met Peter on a flight from Denver to Chicago, and they immediately hit it off. They chatted through the two and a half hour flight, and exchanged their contact details at the end of the flight.

They also kept in touch through emails and long-distance calls. They eventually went on their first date at a movie theatre in New Orleans, and they have been married ever since.

She is currently a Fox News political commentator and host of The Five, as well as a Random House book publishing executive. She previously worked as the White House press secretary under President George W. Bush. She is a very successful and accomplished woman who has garnered a lot of attention throughout her career. Her husband, Peter, is a successful entrepreneur who has earned his wealth through his dedication and hard work in the world of business.

She has a dog named Percy

Percy is a Vizsla puppy, and he’s currently being raised by Dana and her husband. He’s the same breed as her late dog Jasper, whose passing at nine years old caused a lot of heartache for Perino.

She called him America’s dog, and she frequently talked about him on her show, The Five. She also shared photos of him on social media.

In 2021, the pup died from fast-moving cancer. He was nine years old at the time of his death, so it was quite a surprise.

Percy was born in Hillsboro, Ohio on September 22. He’s a Hungarian Vizsla, and Dana and her husband named him after Jasper.

She has four stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriages

Dana Perino is a married woman who has been in a relationship with her husband for 24 years. The couple is very happy together and are looking forward to a blissful life ahead of them.

She is a political pundit who has been in the media for over 20 years. She has earned her popularity through her hard work in both politics and journalism.

In her spare time, she likes to spend quality time with her beloved dog Jasper. In fact, she is a dedicated dog mom and enjoys sharing photos of her pup on social media.

Perino was born on May 9, 1972, in Evanston, Wyoming, to parents Janice and Leo Perino. She graduated from Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado, and attended the University of Southern Colorado. She also served as a disc jockey at a country music radio station during her college career. She later moved to Washington, D.C., where she joined Fox News. She currently co-hosts Americas Newsroom alongside Bill Hemmer and is a panelist on The Five.

She is a dedicated dog mom

Dana Perino is married to Peter McMahon and they have a dog named Jasper. She also has four stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriages.

Her husband has played a major role in her life and they have been married for over two decades. The couple met on an airplane in 1997 and were married in England within one year.

She lives with her husband in New York and their dog Jasper. They walk their dog together every day.

As a dedicated dog mom, Perino is constantly looking for ways to make her dog happy. She often buys her dogs cow ear chew toys and other toys that will make their life better.

She is also a voracious reader and she has written three books. She also dedicates a lot of time to mentoring young women in politics. She believes that she can give them a better understanding of the political world.

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