Frank Szatkus

Frank Szatkus

He was a vaudeville performer

Frank Szatkus was a vaudeville performer who married actress Mae West. He was the first husband of Mae, who began her career in vaudeville at age 14 with the Hal Clarendon Stock Company. At the time, she was known as Baby Mae and used several other aliases. Her mother, Tillie, made her costumes, drilled her on rehearsals and managed her bookings. Mae’s act was a subtle spoof of Victorian innocence and sentimentality. It also included a burlesque act.

He was married to Mae West

During her short marriage to Frank, Mae West toured vaudeville with her burlesque song and dance act. She eventually made it big and became the most famous female performer in show business. She also wrote several plays, including The Wicked Age and Diamond Lil.

In the late ’20s, Mae West brought her plays to Broadway. She even wrote a novelized version of her play Diamond Lil. Her 1928 play was about a racy woman in the 1890s and it was a huge success.

Mae was a spiritual person and believed in talking to and consulting psychics. She also believed in reincarnation. She died in 1980 at the age of 87 and was interred with her family in New York City.

Mae was the daughter of John and Tillie West. Her father was a prize fighter and her mother worked as a corset model. She was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1893. She was the only child of her parents and was raised in a middle-class household.

He died in 1966

Frank Szatkus was a vaudeville performer and songwriter. He was also a well-known dancer, who performed with Mae West. He didn’t disclose much about himself, so many of the details about his life remain a mystery. He was born in Brooklyn, New York City and used the stage name Frank Wallace. He married Mae West in 1935 and stayed with her until their divorce in 1942. He died on October 15, 1966 at the Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Nevada. He was buried at Saint Louis Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Trixie La Mae. She died in November 1980, at the age of 87. She was buried next to her husband. Her last professional appearance was a radio advertisement for Poland Spring mineral water.

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