Cheryl Plaza Vieira

Cheryl Plaza Vieira

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is a rich woman who has many assets. She is also a very beautiful person. She keeps her face well-groomed and applies little or no makeup when she goes out.

She has a closet that would make every young lady envious. She prefers style and stays proud about it. She adores extravagant striped clothes, and her cupboard is full of them.

She is beautiful

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is the wife of former footballer and manager Patrick Vieira. She is a beautiful woman with an amazing sense of style. She loves fashion and is unapologetic about her taste in clothing. Her closet is full of expensive designer clothes, and she loves to wear them.

She has dark brown hair and eyes. She usually does not wear makeup. She is a very private person, but she has a loud personality when it comes to her family. She has two siblings – Gillian and Curtis. Her brother died in a fire. She is not a well-known figure, but she has made a lot of money.

She is the wife of former Arsenal captain and French international football manager Patrick Vieira. She is an entrepreneur who is also an avid football fan. She was born in Trinidad and is eight years older than her husband. She married Patrick in 2005. She has a daughter named Cheires.

She is rich

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is the wife of French professional football manager and former player Patrick Vieira. She was born in 1968 and holds Trinidadian nationality. She is an entrepreneur and a mother. She is very private and rarely shares information about her personal life.

She likes to wear minimal makeup and prefers to live a quiet life away from the public eye. She has beautiful brunette hair that she likes to keep short. Her eyes are dark earthy colored and massively expressive. She is also the ideal height to look good next to her husband.

Cheryl and Patrick met at a party in England. They fell in love with each other and started dating. They kept their relationship secretive for some time. However, they came into the limelight after they were photographed together when the French public group was showing their Euro 2000 prize. They got married in 2005 at the Chelsea Register Office and since then, she has been accompanying her husband everywhere he goes.

She is extroverted

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is a woman with a loud personality, but only among her close friends and family. She likes to stay away from the media and public attention and prefers to live a private life. She is very affectionate to her family, and loves spending time with them whenever possible.

She is also very fond of fashion and has a closet that can make any girl envious. She wears expensive designer clothes, and has a sense of style that is unmatched.

Cheryl Plaza Vieira was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and is the daughter of Cecil Blackman and Marcelline Wilma Plaza. She met her future husband Patrick Vieira in England in 1998, and they kept their relationship on the down low until 2002. After that, they understood that their relationship was serious and decided to make it official and permanent. The couple tied the knot in 2005, and football fans were awed by their union. The pair have one child together.

She is private

Cheryl Plaza Vieira is not a little kid, but she looks like one. She has wonderful brunette hair that she jumps at the chance to keep short and her dim earthy colored eyes are massively expressive. She likewise has kept up delightful skin at a relatively late stage in life.

She has a closet that would make other girls jealous. She loves costly designer clothes and is unapologetic about it. Her children, Gillian and Curtis are her pride and joy.

Vieira met her husband in 1998 while he was still playing for Arsenal. They married in 2005. They have been together ever since.

Although Vieira has not publicly discussed his wife, it is clear that she supports her husband and helps him with his career. In addition to supporting her husband’s career, she is a dedicated mother and grandmother. She also takes an active role in charity. She has done work in Africa and is an avid animal rights activist.

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