Alida Darvill

Alida Darvill – A Leo Celebrity Profile

People born under the sign of Leo are vivacious, dramatic, and fiery. They enjoy basking in the spotlight.

Jesco White is a famous dancer who has received recognition from around the world. He was born on July 30, 1956 and belongs to the Zodiac sign of Leo. He learned tap and clog dancing while growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. He was married to Norma Jean White from 1974 until 2009 and later married Alida Darvill in 2011.

Jesco White

Jesco White is a famous mountain dancer and entertainer from West Virginia. He is best known for his unique style of dancing which combines both tap and clog dancing. He has gained a large following for his distinctive style and backwoods political incorrectness. He has also been known to contribute his tap dancing skills to many country songs.

Jesco was first profiled in the PBS documentary series Different Drummer and the film Dancing Outlaw. Both of these films showcased his talent as a dancer and highlighted his troubled life. The documentaries introduced audiences to his three distinct personalities; the gentle and loving Jesse, the violent and dangerous Jesco, and the strange Elvis.

The Dancing Outlaw has gathered a large following and made appearances in several popular movies and music videos. He has also been referenced in numerous country songs, including Hank Williams III’s “Legend of D. Ray White.” He has also provided his voice for the video game Grand Theft Auto V and appeared in the movie White Lightnin.

Alida Darvill’s Husband

Alida Darvill’s husband is the famous entertainer and folk dancer Jesco White. The couple has two children together, a daughter and a son. She is also connected with a brother called Pablo who has been involved in a motorcycle accident recently.

He is a mountain dancer and performer who follows in his father’s footsteps. His style of dancing is a combination of tap and clog dance. He has been featured in a few documentaries and is well-known by the name Dancing Outlaw. He has a social media account with the username therealjescowhite and is active on Instagram. He has over 8k followers and follows 41 people.

Alida Darvill’s Siblings

Alida Darvill has a number of siblings including Alexandra and Catharine Daddario. Her elder sister, Alexandra, is a well-known actress and has starred in a lot of movies. Her younger sister, Catharine, is also a popular social media star and has gained a lot of fame because of her acting skills and beauty.

Her husband, Jesco White, is an entertainer and folk dancer who is famous for his ‘Dancing Outlaw’ act. He is an expert in tap and clog dancing, and has performed on several television shows.

He is active on social media platforms, where he has a huge following. He often shares pictures of his wife with his fans. He has also written some blogs on his experiences as a folk dancer. He has a Twitter account with over 8.8k followers and follows 41 people.

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