Why Pool Repair is Essential for Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Swimming Environment

A well-maintained pool, hot tub/spa or water playground is a source of relaxation and enjoyment for friends and family. However, keeping your pool in good condition requires weekly to monthly maintenance that entails skimming, vacuuming, scrubbing, and testing water levels, pH balance, and disinfectant levels. Surface cracks in your pool may be unsightly, but they can also indicate structural problems that require excavation. Repairing these cracks can prevent the pool shell from becoming weakened and damaged.

Water Quality

A poorly maintained pool is dangerous for swimmers and damages the equipment. Regular maintenance services allow you to enjoy your pool with family and friends all summer without the stress of costly repairs.

Your pool needs regular cleaning to keep it free of debris, such as leaves, bugs and other pests that can cause skin rashes or eye irritation. You also need to clean surfaces regularly so that algae does not grow, as this can make characters feel slimy and increase the risk of slips and falls. An experienced pool repair St Louis MO professional will test your pool water to ensure its chemistry is balanced, as incorrect levels can harm the liner, promote bacteria growth and damage equipment such as pumps and filters. Regular testing and balancing will protect your health by keeping the pool water free from chemicals irritating to eyes, ears and skin. A professional will also examine the lining to ensure it is in good shape, as small tears can become bigger problems if left untreated.


Pool repair professionals can help ensure that all the safety and security measures are working properly. They can spot potential hazards and provide safety equipment nearby for emergencies. A good pool repair expert can help you keep your family safe by tracking down and repairing leaks. It can be tricky to determine whether a rapid drop in your pool’s water level is due to a leak or normal evaporation rates. Try a “bucket test”: Fill a bucket three-quarters full and mark the water line. If the bucket test reveals a leak, a professional will perform a more thorough inspection and repair it before it worsens. Cracks in a pool or spa’s shell can indicate structural problems that require excavation and replacement of the entire body. A torn vinyl liner can be repaired by draining the pool to just below the tear (under a professional’s supervision) and patching the liner like you would fix a bicycle inner tube.


Whether your pool is for family use or public swimming, cleanliness and safety measures are essential. Chlorine is vital in sanitizing pool water and protecting swimmers from harmful bacteria and pathogens. When chlorine levels are too high, it can cause skin and eye irritation. A pool repair company will monitor and adjust the chlorine level in your pool. A well-maintained pool is free of leaves, bugs and other debris that can easily clog a filter. Keeping the pool deck clean is also important. Skim, brush and vacuum the deck surface weekly at a minimum. This will keep dirt, dust and stains from getting into the water. Tears in the pool lining should be patched immediately. An incision that is left unattended may lead to leaks and structural problems. A pool repair professional will examine the area for cracks and tears and patch them as needed. They will also check for any areas of the lining that are fading or degrading.


Swimming pools are big investments, and one of the most important things you can do to maintain their value is maintain their function. A well-functioning pool keeps your family and guests safe, clean and healthy. The most common reasons for a pool leak are around the air bleeder assembly, the belly band o-ring or drain plugs. These are easily repaired. Cracks are another concern. While a small crack in a concrete shell can be improved, it’s important to do so under a professional’s guidance to prevent further cracking or a potential shell collapse. Tears in vinyl liners are less common, but when they occur, they can be easily repaired with a patch kit. This process involves draining the pool to below the tear (never empty a vinyl pool without a professional’s supervision) to create a fresh edge that can be adhered to by the patch, then simply applying the patch.

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