Walter Pinchas Pick

Walter Pinchas Pick

Hannah Goslar is a former nurse best known for her close friendship with diarist Anne Frank. The two girls attended the Sixth Montessori School in Amsterdam and later the Jewish Lyceum. They survived the war and emigrated to Jerusalem in 1947. Hannah and her younger sister Gabi are featured in several documentaries, including Anne Frank Remembered and Classmates of Anne Frank.

He is the husband of Hanneli Goslar

Hanneli Goslar is a former nurse and Holocaust survivor who was friends with Anne Frank. Her story has been told in many documentaries, including the 1988 film The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank and the 1995 and 2008 films Anne Frank Remembered and Classmates of Anne Frank. She also appeared in the Dutch film My Best Friend Anne Frank.

Goslar was born in 1928 in Berlin, Germany. Her family fled Nazi Germany to the Netherlands, where she attended the 6th Montessori School and then the Jewish Lyceum. She was a close friend of Frank, who wrote about her in the diary she kept during the war.

Goslar and her younger sister were sent to Westerbork transit camp in June 1943. They were transferred to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in February 1944, and survived 14 months there. After the war, Otto Frank took her under his wing and arranged for her to live in Switzerland with her uncle. She later emigrated to Israel in 1947, where she became a nurse.

He is a doctor

Walter Pinchas Pick was a doctor who had a decent net worth. However, it’s difficult to know more about him as he didn’t like sharing his personal details. Moreover, many people have a secret lifestyle and don’t feel comfortable talking about their wealth in the media.

Walter was the husband of Hanneli Goslar, who is famous for being Anne Frank’s nurse. She and her sister Gabi survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Jerusalem, Israel. They are both still alive and have three children. Their story has been featured in several documentaries. They are well-known throughout the world for their bravery and resistance.

He has a net worth

Hanneli Goslar is a former nurse who is best known for her role in helping Anne Frank survive the Holocaust. She passed Anne a package with bread and socks while in prison, and they survived 14 months at Bergen-Belsen together. Her story has inspired many, and she is the subject of numerous documentaries. She lives in Jerusalem, Israel with her husband Walter Pinchas Pick. They have one child, Ruth Pinchas Pick. She is also the star of the movie Anne Frank Remembered.

He is married

Walter Pinchas Pick was married to a famous nurse named Hanneli Goslar. They have three children and he also has a good net worth. He is not a person who likes to reveal much about himself and prefers to keep his personal details confidential. This makes it difficult to gather information about his life and childhood.

Hannah Elizabeth Goslar, better known as Hanneli, was born on November 12, 1928 in Berlin, Germany. She was a nurse who became friends with Anne Frank and is widely known for her role in the Holocaust. During the war, she passed Anne a package with bread and socks in lieutenant. Hanneli and her younger sister Gabi survived 14 months at Bergen-Belsen before moving to Jerusalem, Israel. She has appeared in several documentaries about Anne Frank.

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