Tuanchai Mackenzie

Tuanchai Mackenzie

Tuanchai Mackenzie is best known as the ex-wife of famous comedian Flip Wilson. The pair had a brief marriage in the 1970s, but she has lived a private life away from the limelight.

The former couple had at least four children including David, Kelvin, Tamara and Stacy. But all are no longer with us.

Tuanchai Mackenzie and Flip Wilson

Tuanchai Mackenzie is the ex-wife of Flip Wilson, a famous American comedian. She came into the limelight after her marriage to Flip and lived in his shadows until their separation.

The late Flip Wilson was a two-time Emmy Award winner and the first black comedian to host a high-rated TV variety show. He starred in The Flip Wilson Show, which was a hit for NBC.

He received a Golden Globe and two Emmy Awards for the series, which aired from 1970 to 1974 and was the second highest-rated show on network television at one time. He also appeared in a number of films and musicals, including Uptown Saturday Night and The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.

Born Clerow Wilson Jr on December 8, 1933, in the United States, Flip grew up in poverty. His mother abandoned him and his father placed the family in foster homes because he could not afford to care for them himself. He lied about his age and joined the Air Force at 16 years old.

Tuanchai Mackenzie’s Ex-Husband Flip Wilson Died

Tuanchai Mackenzie’s ex-husband Flip Wilson died from liver cancer on November 25, 1998 at the age of 64. He was cremated at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Malibu, California.

A successful comedian, he was known for his role as Geraldine in the popular variety show The Flip Wilson Show. He was awarded a Golden Globe and two Emmy Awards for his work on the show, which also became the second-highest rated show on network television for a time.

He was also the first African American to host a television variety show. Time magazine featured him on their cover and named him “TV’s first black superstar.”

Flip Wilson started his career in the 1950s as a comic and actor. He debuted his NBC variety show The Flip Wilson Show in the early 1970s. It introduced viewers to his recurring character Geraldine and was the first African American variety show to gain popularity. He was also a regular guest on many television shows, including Here’s Lucy and The Dean Martin Show.

Tuanchai Mackenzie’s Ex-Spouse Lovenia Patricia Wilson

Tuanchai Mackenzie’s ex-spouse Lovenia Patricia Wilson died in November 1998. She was a comedian and actor who was born on December 8, 1933 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was also known as Peaches and was married to Flip Wilson.

She is survived by her children, David Wilson, Kevin Wilson, Michelle Trice, Stacy Wilson and Tamara Wilson. She died in Malibu, California on November 25, 1998 at the age of 64.

According to media reports, Lovenia Patricia Wilson died of liver cancer. She was a well-known comedy star who was famous for her role in the movie The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.

She was a very beautiful woman who was able to do a lot of things. She also had a good career and a huge net worth. However, her marriage to Flip Wilson didn’t last long and she eventually went out of the spotlight.

Tuanchai Mackenzie’s Ex-Spouse Flip Wilson’s Death

Tuanchai Mackenzie’s ex-spouse Flip Wilson died in 1998 shortly after being diagnosed with liver cancer. He was 64 years old at the time of his death.

A comedian and actor, he had a successful career in the late 1960s and 1970s. His television show, The Flip Wilson Show, was popular and he received eleven Emmy Award nominations. He won two of them.

He also appeared on a number of comedy and variety shows like Here’s Lucy, The Ed Sullivan Show, and Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

His ad-lib style of comedy was clean and decent and he did not use vulgar language. In 1959, a businessman from Miami sponsored him for $50 a week, giving him the opportunity to concentrate on his talent.

He became a regular at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem and soon, he was on The Tonight Show and the Laugh-In. He eventually had a successful career, earning a million dollars a year.

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