Troy Aikman Daughters

Troy Aikman Daughters

As an American football player, Troy Aikman has been able to build an incredible career. He was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for over 12 years and earned six Pro Bowl selections.

He is also an analyst on NFL football on Fox and ESPN, making him one of the most famous people in sports.

Jordan Ashley Aikman

Jordan Ashley Aikman is a college student and one of Troy Aikman’s daughters. She leads an active and fun life and regularly undertakes vacations to exciting places like Botswana, London, New Orleans, and Switzerland. She also shares lots of pictures of her fun times with her friends on Instagram.

Jordan’s father has been incredibly supportive of her as she grows into a young woman. In fact, he has even accompanied her on some of her trips back home to Dallas.

The former NFL quarterback remains very close to his two daughters, especially Jordan Ashley. He supports them in their academic and sports interests, and he’s been a great role model for them as they’ve grown up.

Despite her parents’ divorce, Jordan has managed to maintain an unbreakable bond with her father. He was very proud of her when she got accepted into Washington and Lee University.

She has a long-term boyfriend named Billy Queally. The pair got to know each other during their college days, and they have undertaken numerous trips together.

As the daughter of a successful NFL quarterback, it may seem like Jordan is living the life of a celebrity. However, she doesn’t let her fame and wealth get to her head. She is a very smart and well-rounded girl who has learned to appreciate her family’s wealth.

Alexa Marie Aikman

Alexa Marie Aikman is one of the famous celebrity daughters of the American retired football quarterback Troy Aikman. She was born on July 30, 2002 in Plano, Texas.

Her father Troy is a former NFL quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). He was the first overall pick in the 1989 draft. He went on to play for the Cowboys for 12 seasons before retiring. He is an NFL broadcaster on Fox Sports currently.

He married former Cowboys publicist Rhonda Worthey in 2000 and has two children from his marriage, Jordan Ashley Aikman and Alexa Marie Aikman. They are both very close with their father and often share pictures of them on social media.

The beautiful family of four enjoys a comfortable and luxurious life together. They love to travel and spend time together. They also have two half-brothers named Luke and Val Mooty from their father’s previous marriage to lawyer Jerry Mooty.

Her father is a famous football player and has earned a huge fortune from his career. His net worth is estimated to be $50 million as of 2020. She is a young teen and has not started her professional career yet. However, she will benefit from her father’s wealth in the future.

Troy Aikman’s Wife Catherine Mooty

Troy Aikman’s wife Catherine Mooty is a successful businesswoman and a fashionista. She is also the co-founder of the fashion retail brand Luxeliner. She married Troy Aikman in June 2017 after he proposed to her in Lake Como, Italy.

Aikman and Mooty have a blended family of four children. Two of their kids are from Aikman’s first marriage, while the other two are from Mooty’s previous relationship.

All of Aikman and Mooty’s children attend the same private school in Dallas, Texas. They are also a very close family and they love going on adventures together.

As a father, Troy Aikman has always been the best father he could be to his two daughters, Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie. He is always there for them and makes sure they have everything they need.

Despite his previous marriage, Aikman has a strong bond with his daughters. He does not share too much information about his personal life online, but he regularly posts photos of his two daughters.

Aikman and Mooty’s blended family is often referred to as “Team Six.” They enjoy spending time outdoors and doing activities like hiking and paddleboarding together. They also share a lot of fun photos on Instagram. As a result, they have become a popular celebrity couple.

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