Trevon Diggs Wife

Who is Trevon Diggs Wife?

Trevon Diggs, an NFL cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, has an interesting dating history. He’s dated rappers like Bow Wow and Future, as well as a number of other famous people.

Now, he’s dating an Instagram model and influencer named Joie Chavis. Her fling with Diggs is sending shockwaves across the NFL.

Joie Chavis

Born on 27 September 1988 in Torrance, California, USA, Joie Chavis is an Instagram model and entrepreneur. She is best known as the on-again, off-again girlfriend of rapper Bow Wow – real name Shad Gregory Moss – who she shares a daughter with.

According to sources, Chavis has a net worth of over $1.5 million. She is said to have made her money through her career as a fitness trainer and model, which has landed her several endorsement deals.

She also runs a fitness and fashion website called “Joie In Life,” where she posts about diet and workout. She owns a swimwear line called J.N.L. Swim, and a clothing line called Shop Shai.

She and her husband are parents to a daughter named Shai Moss, born in 2011 with Bow Wow, and a son named Hendrix Wilburn, who was born with Future in 2018. They share an amicable co-parenting relationship. In addition to her work, Joie has a huge following on Instagram, which has helped her earn an impressive income from her social media fame.

Yasmine Lopez

Yasmine Lopez is a model and social media influencer. She has a huge following on Instagram and promotes hair and skincare products like Vive De Luxe and USRx. She also posts photos of her in bikini and trendy outfits.

She also promotes beauty products and makeup tutorials. Her Instagram account currently has over 1.1 million followers.

Her instagram account consists of modeling and personal photos, as well as behind-the-scenes images from her numerous projects. She also posts photos of her son, Chosen.

Trevon Diggs and Yasmine Lopez met and dated in 2020. However, the couple broke up shortly after they got pregnant together.

Since then, Yasmine has been calling out Diggs for neglecting their son and being negligent in his care. She has even accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

Trevon Diggs’ Son

The Dallas Cowboys cornerback has become a household name thanks to his stellar play on the field. He tied an NFL record for most interceptions in a season last year, and has been leading the league in interceptions this season as well.

But what most fans don’t realize is that Diggs has an even bigger fan than himself: his 4-year-old son, Aaiden. The young boy made a ton of viral moments when the Cowboys were featured in last season’s “Hard Knocks” series on HBO, and he is still making headlines with his adorable antics.

In one of the most memorable videos from Hard Knocks, Aaiden went to an ice cream shop and met quarterback Dak Prescott. The two were filmed together, and when Aaiden mistook Prescott for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, the whole world went crazy.

Now, Aaiden has his own Twitter account and he’s been spotted on the sidelines cheering on his father during NFL games. He’s also been seen attending press conferences with his dad, and he seems to have an amazing bond with him.

Trevon Diggs’ Wife

Trevon Diggs is a football player who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He was selected in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft and has a four-year contract with the team worth $6,320,907 per season.

He is a popular football player in the league who has several significant endorsement contracts that help him earn a lot of money from his career. He has agreements with brands like Pepsi, Main Event, Lids, and Ready Refresh.

Moreover, he has ties with 7-Eleven and Kendra Scott Jewelry. These sponsorships have helped him become one of the richest sports players in the world.

He is the proud father of a son, Aaiden Diggs. He has a lot of cute posts on his social media accounts showing how much he loves his little boy.

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