Tony Beets House

Tony Beets House

Tony Beets is one of the most famous cast members of Gold Rush, a reality show about family-run mining companies. He’s a bearded Dutch Canadian with a fierce ambition to succeed.

The 63-year-old was born in Wijdenes, Netherlands and relocated to Canada to pursue a career in mining. Today, he runs the Tamarack Mine in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.

About Tony Beets

The Dutch-born Tony Beets is a maverick mining legend. He’s been on the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush since its second season and has become one of the most well-known members of the team.

Before he started working as a gold miner, Beets was a milker and farmer. He moved to Canada in 1984 and settled in Dawson City, Yukon.

He is married to Minnie Beets, who helped him become successful in his mining business. They have four children – Monica, Bianca, Mike, and Kevin.

Despite his tough personality and heavy use of profanity, he has been an extremely successful miner. He employs a lot of local miners and often hires young miners to work with him.

He has a huge net worth and owns several Yukon gold mines. He also earns a good salary from the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush.

Net Worth

Tony Beets and his family have been on the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” since it began in 2010, and people all over the world are tuning in to watch them live their lives. But compared to some of the other stars on the show, Beets and his family aren’t really killing the reality TV game.

When he was young, Tony worked as a farmer in his home country of Holland. He also dabbled in machine operation and oil pipelines before gold prospecting became his life’s passion.

He eventually moved to Canada and started gold mining. He now runs two major operations in the Klondike region, Tamarack Mines and Paradise Hills, along with his wife Minnie and four children.

Beets’ wealth is built on years of hard work and perseverance. His net worth is estimated to be $15 million as of 2021.

Personal Life

Tony Beets is a gold miner and the star of Discovery’s hit reality show Gold Rush. He is also a husband and father to four children. He lives with his wife Minnie and their family in Maricopa, Arizona.

Born in Wijdenes, Netherlands on December 15, 1959, to Klaus and Magda Beets, Tony worked on the family farm throughout his childhood. When his father suffered a debilitating accident, Beets took over the farm and became its manager.

Despite his early setbacks, Beets has never lost sight of his goal to succeed. He has been able to achieve success through hard work and a strong work ethic.

Beets has become a recognizable personality on the show, and his no-nonsense approach, colorful swearing and deep mining knowledge have helped him become one of its most popular stars. He’s been on the show since season two and remains an active part of the cast.


Born and raised in Wijdenes, Netherlands, Tony Beets relocated to Canada in the 1980s. He started mining in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, and now runs the Tamarack Mine.

Tony has four children: Mike, Monica, Bianca, and Kevin. His wife Minnie helps him with the business.

He is also known for hiring local teenagers on his mining operations if they can hack it. Many quit or are fired, but those who can make it work turn into integral members of the team.

In season five of Gold Rush, Tony bought a large floating industrial bucket dredge for $1 million. He and his crew managed to dig up 3,659 ounces of gold in Eureka Creek.

Tony Beets is a popular star on the reality television show Gold Rush. He is one of the pivotal members of the series, which premiered on Discovery Channel in 2010 and has aired 172 episodes as of September 2021. He is the highest-earning character on the show, earning over $25,000 per episode.

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