Steve Burns Net Worth

Steve Burns Net Worth

Steve Burns is an American television personality, actor, musician, writer, director, and producer. He is best known for his work on the popular children’s TV show Blue’s Clues. His net worth of $10 million.

He was born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, and he attended De Sales University. He graduated with a degree in theater and music.


Steve Michael Burns was born on October 9, 1973, in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States. He is an actor, musician, and television host who is best known for his work on Blue’s Clues.

He began his career as a voice-over artist for advertisements, but later became interested in acting and music. After graduating from high school, he attended DeSales University in Pennsylvania to study theater.

After completing his studies, he shifted to New York City to pursue an acting career. He first appeared in television advertisements, but soon became known for his roles in several films.

In 1996, he started appearing in the popular children’s show, “Blue’s Clues,” where he hosted nearly 100 episodes. He stayed with the show until 2002 when he decided to leave.

After departing from Blue’s Clues, he released his debut album, Songs for Dustmites, on August 12, 2003. Many of the songs on the album feature American singer Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips.

Net worth

Steve Burns is a well-known American actor and musician. He is most famous for hosting a long-running children’s preschool TV show called “Blue’s Clues”.

He has accumulated a good amount of net worth from his career as an actor, singer, and musician. He is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

His net worth also includes a salary from his career as an actor, director, and writer. He has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including Blue’s Clues and You!, Figure it out, Roll play, The professionals, Yes, Dear, Yo Gabba Gabba, Young Sheldon, and many more.

After his departure from Blue’s Clues, Steve began a new chapter in his life that focused on music. He released a number of albums, such as Songs for Dustmites and Deep Sea Recovery Efforts, which helped increase his net worth.

Personal life

Despite his impressive career, Burns is quite a private person. There are no images of him with a significant other on his Instagram page, and he rarely speaks about his love life in the media.

Steve Burns was born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, on October 9, 1973. He grew up in the area and studied at Boyertown Area Senior High School. He later attended Desales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, where he received an acting scholarship.

He also played in bands such as Sudden Impact US, Nine Pound Truck and the Ivys (he claims they were a “Morrissey rip-off band”). His acting career took off when he moved to New York City.

During his time on Blue’s Clues, Burns developed a loyal following among both preteen girls and their parents. For years, fans wondered what happened to him after he left the show.


Born on October 9, 1973 in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Steve Burns is an American actor and singer. He started his career as a voice-over artist before becoming an actor. He was discovered by an agent and moved to New York City in order to pursue his acting career.

He made his first major appearance as a voice-over artist for ads before he began appearing in films and television shows. He gained popularity as the host of Blue’s Clues, an animated and live-action children’s show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2002.

After he left the show, many fans wondered what had happened to him. Rumors of a car accident or even death were circulating online, but Steve appeared in media interviews to debunk these claims and confirm that he was still alive.

In 2003, Burns released his debut album called Songs for Dustmites with the help of indie rock band The Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips’ drummer Steven Drozd assisted Burns on six tracks of the album and bassist Michael Ivins engineered the entire project.

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