Stella Faith Hamilton

Stella Faith Hamilton

Stella Faith Hamilton is the youngest daughter of former MLB player Josh Hamilton. She was recently in the limelight as her father was arrested for alleging child abuse.

He was accused of causing bodily harm to his eldest daughter, which is a third-degree felony. He was able to get bail on the charges.

Her Life Story

Harriett Patrick Hamilton was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. She grew up with her sisters and brothers in a family that was deeply rooted in their faith. She was raised in the Baptist church and she affirmed her belief in Jesus Christ at an early age. She attended church services with her family at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Tuskegee. She later moved to Detroit, Michigan to find work and help her family financially.

She met her husband Josh Hamilton in the early 2000s. They married in 2004. Their marriage ended in 2015 because of his drug addiction problems. They had three daughters together, including Stella Faith Hamilton, who is now 8 years old. Their other daughters are Sierra Hamilton, who is 14, and Michaela Grace Hamilton, who is 11. They also have a stepdaughter named Julia Shea from her mother’s previous relationship, who is now 18.

Stella came into the limelight recently because her father was arrested for child abuse allegations. He is currently in jail and he has been banned from having any contact with his daughter.

Her Parents

As a child, she was always interested in music and started performing in local shows when she was just 12. Her parents were very supportive of her passion and encouraged her to pursue it.

They also took her to the Apollo Theater in New York when she was just nine years old and that was her first time performing in front of a large crowd. She was very nervous but managed to perform well in the end.

Her father Josh Hamilton is a former MLB baseball star who was arrested on 30th October for an allegation of injuring his daughter. He was released on bail and is currently staying with his wife Katie Hamilton and their daughters Stella Faith, Sierra, and Michaela Grace.

Initially, she made a few music appearances under her real name before re-emerging in 2016 as H.E.R with an EP titled ‘HER Vol 1’ under RCA Records. She has since released several compilation albums and has even appeared on songs from other popular artists like Daniel Caesar.

Her Personality

While Blanche and Stanley represent two diametrically opposed worlds, Stella seems to bridge the gap. Although she appears to owe a great deal of her personality to Blanche, she also displays some unique qualities of her own.

Specifically, she shows a greater sense of comprehensibility and meaningfulness in her life. She draws upon her Christian faith, family background, and her wealth to overcome the various crises she experiences throughout her life, including her husband’s infidelity and numerous losses.

She is also a natural nurturer and enjoys caring for others. She is the type of person who would send Mitch’s sick mother a custard and even acts as if she were a parent, often referring to her sister as “her little girl”. This personality is a large part of what makes her so attractive to Stanley. Ultimately, her maternal instincts allow her to blend Blanche’s refined nature with Stanley’s raw, lustful one. Consequently, she is the only one who can reconcile these two opposing worlds.

Her Career

Stella Faith Hamilton is the 8-year-old daughter of famous baseball player Josh Hamilton. She has 2 sisters from her mother Katie Chadwick’s previous relationship, Sierra and Michaela. Stella’s father has struggled with drug addiction throughout his career, but she is hoping that he will recover from the habit in order to give his daughters a healthy upbringing.

Angelou’s writing led her to a career in film and television, where she became the first black woman to write an original screenplay for the TV movie Roots in 1972. Her other films include I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Poetic Justice.

In 1986, she started Harpo Productions to produce quality entertainment projects. Her company has since become a force in both film and television. It has also expanded to magazine publishing and the Internet. The company has acquired and produced a number of well-known talk shows. It also owns and produces the Oprah Winfrey Show.

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