Spliff Star Net Worth

Spliff Star Net Worth

As the name suggests, Spliff Star is a hip-hop recording artist. He has appeared on several singles with Busta Rhymes. His net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. Aside from his work as a rapper, he also acted as a producer. In addition, he has his own music group called Flipmode Squad.

The most obvious source of income is his work as a rapper. While he is a professional, he keeps his personal life private. However, his social media profiles and Instagram accounts make him a well-known celebrity. He has a large fan following on Facebook and Twitter and has been recognized as a “hype man” by Complex Magazine.

One of the most exciting moments of his career was when Busta Rhymes brought him onboard. This was during the time of Tribe Called Quest. But before this, Spliff and Busta had a friendship that went back to their childhood. They were even able to Facetime each other. Despite their busy schedules, they made an effort to keep in touch with each other. It wasn’t long before they started a label together, called The Conglomerate. Since then, they’ve collaborated with Diplo, Tiesto, and Kid Capri, among others.

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He’s also been featured on several songs with Rampage and Meka. He has his own album, Let the Streets Decide, and has a number of other albums and EPs under his belt. He also has a number of videos, which are a popular way of engaging with fans.

Spliff Star net worth is $6 million in 2023. He has also been a prolific poster on Instagram. This includes shots from performances, promotional content for his latest work, and general life updates. Some of his most popular posts include his latest album releases, vlogs, and selfies. If you’re interested in knowing more about Spliff, you can find his bio on his official website. There, you can find links to all of his social media accounts and get a look at his height and weight.

He also has his own YouTube channel. On this platform, he makes the most of the internet by posting funny videos. Among his most popular videos are a series of vlogs on lifestyle topics. He combines the most popular online trends, such as selfies, with his own style to create memorable content.

He’s been listed as one of the best-selling artists in the United States. However, his net worth isn’t all that great. He’s been given the opportunity to cash out in a huge number of ways, including a deal with Yeezy sneakers. However, he’s been known to exaggerate his business’s size.

Another big moneymaker is his record company. He signed N.O.R.E., which led to him being named the most streamed artist of the year on Deezer. With his success on the streaming site, he believes that the platform is valuable and should be paid for. By bringing his catalogue of songs to Spotify, he saw the potential of the streaming medium. For a short period of time, he was the most streamed artist on the site.

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