Shanon Millard

Shanon Millard – The Wife of Bart Millard

Shanon Millard is the wife of Bart Millard, a famous American singer and songwriter. She is currently living with her husband and their five children.

The couple met when they were teenagers and nine years later, they tied the knot. Despite their busy schedule, they have managed to keep their relationship intact.

Bart Millard

Bart Millard is the lead singer of MercyMe, a Christian rock band. He has also released a number of solo albums that include his favorite hymns.

He was born on December 1, 1972, in Greenville, Texas. He was raised primarily by his father Arthur Millard.

His father suffered from a brain injury that severely affected his behavior, which led to the abuse of his son. The spankings started as little pops, but soon, they grew into full-on beatings.

In fact, Bart had to leave the home for several years. This was because Arthur got into a few physical altercations with his wife.

The couple eventually separated, but the two stayed in touch. At times, they would record messages on portable cassette players.

When Bart was in high school, he wrote the song I Can Only Imagine that eventually became a hit for MercyMe. The movie tells the story behind this iconic song.


Bart Millard and his wife Shannon have been married for over two decades. Their marriage has been a source of strength for them in the years that they have been together, and they have always supported each other’s dreams and ambitions.

As far as their children are concerned, they have three sons and two daughters. Their eldest son is Sam, who is 21 years old and has recently graduated from high school.

The couple also has a daughter named Gracie, who turned 18 on November 5, 2022. She is a budding artist and loves to play the piano.

Despite being a busy musician, Bart Millard spends quality time with his family and makes sure to share great moments with them on Instagram. He also congratulates his kids on their special occasions and never fails to wish them on their birthdays.

Personal Life

Shannon Millard is a wife of Bart Millard, who is a popular singer, songwriter and frontman of MercyMe. She has been with her husband for a long time now and has seen him through ups and downs in his career.

The couple first met when they were teenagers, and their relationship spanned nearly a decade before their wedding in 1997. Their marriage posed many challenges because it coincided with MercyMe’s journey.

Despite his busy schedule, Bart always finds time to spend with his family and ensure that their children lead a normal life. He and his wife often participate in recreational activities with their kids, which helps them bond together.

Bart and Shannon have five children from their marriage – Sam, Charlie, Miles, Gracie and Sophie. They have a happy family life living in Greenville, Texas.

Net Worth

Bart Millard and Shannon Millard are a loving couple who have been married for over two decades. They are also the proud parents of five children – Sam, Charlie, Miles, Gracie and Sophie.

They are a Christian family who share their faith together. They are committed to raising their children with love, compassion and kindness.

Their enduring bond has been evident in their life as they have stuck together through the ups and downs of their career and marriage.

The couple met in 1988 at a church youth group event, and they have been devoted to each other ever since.

As a result of their love for each other and devotion to each other, the Millards have been able to build a beautiful family and create a home for themselves in Greenville, Texas.

Their love for each other has been reflected in their music. They have released several albums and have won a number of accolades. Their success in the music industry has helped increase their net worth.

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