Sergio Razta

Sergio Razta

Sergio Razta is a YouTube star who gained popularity for his hilarious videos. His witty and relatable content inspired many users to share their own funny stories online.

He grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and began creating video content at a young age. His viral videos featured pranks, impressions, and rants about his Mexican upbringing.

Born on March 24, 1996

Sergio razta is a famous social media personality and YouTuber who shot to fame with his comedic videos. He was a popular vlogger on Vine before the app shut down, and he was also an influential presence on Facebook and Instagram.

He is of Mexican descent and hails from Chicago, Illinois. His parents gave him a lot of love and attention, and he had an excellent education.

His popularity rose after he started posting videos about his multi-cultural upbringing in Chicago, and he became a household name. His videos were always a hit and his followers were never disappointed.

Despite his popularity, he has remained single and unmarried. According to his horoscope, he has a life path number 7.

He is 23 years old and his main channel has reached 750,000 subscribers. He also runs a secondary channel called RaztaVlog that has accumulated more than 175,000 members.

Net Worth: $2 million

Sergio Razta, whose first video was titled “Make It Rain,” has amassed 750,000+ followers on his YouTube channel. He also runs a secondary channel, RaztaVlog, with almost 175,000 subscribers.

As a content creator, Sergio focuses on Latino culture and entertainment. He also uses his social media presence to promote positive messages and encourage people to pursue their dreams.

He earned his net worth through brand partnerships and sponsorships on YouTube. His influence on the platform has paved the way for other creators to monetize their own content.

After a career in professional soccer, Sergio decided to pursue a degree in digital marketing in California. He had saved over $800,000 in a wealth management venture at the time, and he and his fiancee were able to use their earnings from that to finance their new lifestyle.

He comes from a wealthy family, and his grandfather founded ESIC, Barcelona’s prestigious private business school. His parents, Elizabeth and Anthony, are former managing directors of the high-end fashion company Jaeger.

YouTube Star

A self-taught video content creator, Sergio Razta became one of the first Latino YouTube stars. His humour and relatable content resonated with fans worldwide.

He shot to stardom with short videos tackling his multi-cultural upbringing in Chicago. His content captivated audiences and helped him build an audience of more than 2 million followers.

However, as his popularity grew, his life became more difficult. He struggled with depression and bad relationships.

His fame also came with a lot of enemies who made his life miserable. Some of these people fat shamed him and made him feel like a failure.

Sadly, he died two years ago. According to Distractify, he overdosed on Xanax.


Sergio Razta’s biological father is unidentified at this time. However, he is believed to be of Mexican descent.

Sergio grew up in Chicago, Illinois and started posting videos on YouTube in 2011. He gained a huge following for his comedic skits and vlogs, which focused on Latino culture.

His most popular video was “Why You Should Date a Mexican,” which garnered over 3.4 Million views. It featured his unique sense of humor, which appealed to young audiences.

Despite his popularity, he was struggling to keep up with the demands of his followers. He also had to deal with a toxic personal life and a debilitating eating disorder.

As he struggled to overcome these challenges, he withdrew from social media. Eventually, his popularity faded and he reportedly committed suicide — a Xanax overdose — over two years ago.

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