Rossana Maiorca

Rossana Maiorca

Born in 1960 to a famous Sicilian free diver, Enzo Maiorca, Rossana had a knack for breaking records. She became one of the most influential women in freediving and her name has never gone extinct.

At age 4, she learned how to swim despite having a fear of the sea. She took up diving, and subsequently held several depth records.


The famous free diver, rossana maiorca was born on February 23, 1960 in Mestre, Venice. She died in 2005 due to cancer.

Despite her short life, Rossana managed to carve a niche for herself as one of the best in the field of holding their breath underwater. She is also credited for her achievements in freediving, including saving a pregnant dolphin.

In addition to her success as a free diver, Rossana Maiorca was an avid swimmer and advocate for the conservation of wildlife. She fought to protect the sea and its creatures, and was a strong supporter of Sea Shepherd USA.

Rossana’s father, Enzo Maiorca, was a free diver who gained world recognition for his incredible skills. Initially, he was afraid of the sea but later on he developed a deep love for it and its depths.


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Rossana Maiorca was the daughter of Enzo Maiorca, a legendary Italian free diver who held many world records in his career. She followed in her father’s footsteps and became a pro-diver herself.


Rossana Maiorca is a famous Italian free diver who became a household name in the world of diving. She was known for breaking numerous free diving records throughout her career, and she died in 2005 at the age of 45.

She was the daughter of Enzo Maiorca, a famous Italian diver and an athlete who was well-known for his impressive performance in competitions. She followed in her father’s footsteps and made a great contribution to the sport.

Despite her death in 2005, she left a legacy in the sport of free diving and earned her nickname, “Mermaid of Sicily.” She was also known for her amazing adventures and expeditions that attracted much attention from her fans.

During his career, Maiorca challenged the depth record of Brazilian freediver Amerigo Santarelli, who held the world title until he was beat in 1960 by Maiorca. He surpassed Santarelli’s record many times in his career, including reaching a record of 101 metres (3331 feet) in 1988.


Enzo Maiorca’s daughter, Rossana Maiorca, was a well-known free diver. She became famous after rescuing a pregnant dolphin along with her father and earned the title of Mermaid of Sicily.

Her career as a free diver was incredibly successful, and she set several world records. She also made several notable expeditions.

As a youngster, she grew to love the sea and was inspired to pursue a career in diving. She was a vegetarian and had a deep respect for marine life.

When she was a teenager, she started competing in competitions and broke many world records. She also earned a lot of respect from her fans.

She died in 2005. Her cause of death was cancer. She was 45 years old when she passed away. She was a renowned athlete and her death was very sad. Her family has ensured that her name will never be forgotten.

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