Rivers Cuomo Wife

Rivers Cuomo Wife – Kyoko Ito

Rivers Cuomo is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the band Weezer. He has also released solo albums.

While he is not a religious person, Cuomo has taken up meditation, which he believes is crucial to finding peace within himself. He is a keen practitioner of Vipassana, a form of meditation that involves sitting quietly for 10 days at a time.

Kyoko Ito’s Age

Kyoko Ito is a woman of many talents. She is a notable science educator, having made her mark in the fields of human interface engineering and communication-design. She is also a proud parent of her two children Mia and Leo, who are in the early stages of becoming independent young adults.

Despite being a busy professional, she still manages to find the time to squeeze in the occasional foxy moment. Ito is an avid reader and loves to learn something new every day. She is a true bibliophile at heart and has an impressive collection of books.

She is a fan of the arts and sciences, and has a passion for astronomy. She is also a devoted sports fanatic, and has a fondness for a good game of pool. She can usually be found in her home in the New Rochelle area of New York, where she has been a resident for a few years now.

Kyoko Ito’s Height

Kyoko Ito was a big, athletic, charismatic joshi star. She was a top-notch runner, hitting moves crisply an hour into a match and showcasing great strength, balance and athleticism.

The crowds loved her, chanting *clapclap* KYO-KO! She was also a great submission wrestler, doing some high-tier set-up moves like Avalanche Powerslams and Run-Up Headscissors.

She had a lot of power moves, too- pulverizing stuff in succession- and some of her big finishes were over-the-shoulder sit-out powerbombs that looked like death! She had a ton of big matches, too, many of them against lower-ranked wrestlers.

Her best match was in 1992, though- a classic against Manami Toyota! It was a ten-years-ahead-of-its-time match, and Meltzer said it was “*****++++.”

Kyoko Ito’s Weight

Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer, has been married to Kyoko Ito for 16 years. They first got together in 1997 and have two children, Mia and Leo.

Kyoko’s weight is moderate and she usually wears a size 4 dress. She is also a vegetarian.

She is also a Buddhist and practices Vipassana meditation, which helps her focus on the present moment and prevents from getting overwhelmed by negative thoughts or emotions.

Ito was born on 1 November 1973 in Kumamoto, Japan and is a Scorpio. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a body weight of 1.65 m.

She is known for being the wife of Weezer Frontman Rivers Cuomo. She is a vegetarian and practices Vipassana meditation. She is a fan of Japanese pop culture and has two children, Mia and Leo.

Kyoko Ito’s Body Measurements

Kyoko Ito is a Japanese celebrity wife who is best known for being Rivers Cuomo’s wife. She is a 48 years old woman who was born on 1 November 1973 in Kumamoto, Japan. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

During her younger days, she worked as a translator and editor for a Tokyo-based magazine called PingMag. She later relocated to the United States with her husband.

Her impressive body measurements include a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weight of 70 kilograms. She also has a slender frame and thin legs.

She is a fitness fanatic. She jogs in the park, swims, and exercises at the gym.

She has a huge social media following and she frequently updates her followers on her latest photos or videos. Her Instagram account has over 197k followers and she is active on Twitter as well.

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