Reverend Wiley Burton

Nancy Wilson and Reverend Wiley Burton

After a long run in live shows, recording sessions and television appearances, Nancy Wilson decided to settle down. She married drummer Kenny Dennis, with whom she had a son. After their divorce in 1970, she married the Reverend Wiley Burton and had another daughter, Samantha.

She and Burton believed in the power of rural life to change people. They invited children from city life to spend time at their Pipes Canyon ranch.

He was a minister

In addition to pastoring Williams Memorial he also served as the chairman of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, as well as a member of the United Negro College Fund and Operation PUSH. He was also a noted lecturer and was a regular keynote speaker on topics such as racism, unity and the African-American experience in media.

Reverend Wiley Burton, the late husband of songstress Nancy Wilson, was active in the Pioneertown community and loved living on their Pipes Canyon ranch where they exposed their children to nature and a ranching lifestyle. He was an inspiration to the younger generation and loved his family more than anything.

Reverend Wiley was a visionary who believed in the power of education. He was committed to helping the youth reach their full potential and provided numerous scholarships to young people at the church. He also encouraged his congregation to be active members of their community. During the 2009 Annual Conference, Cecelia Johnson and William C. McFarlin were licensed as local elders.

He was married to Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson, a singer whose beguiling expressiveness in jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel and soul made her a crossover recording star for five decades, died on Dec. 13 at her home in Pioneertown, California. She was 81.

She was born February 20, 1937, in Chillicothe, Ohio. Her father, Olden Wilson, worked in an iron foundry and her mother, Lillian Ryan, was a maid. She attended Burnside Heights Elementary School and West High School in Columbus, and one year at Central State College.

At age four, she knew she wanted to become a singer. She started singing in church choirs and participated in talent competitions. Her influences included Dinah Washington, Little Ester and Jimmy Scott. She later moved to Chicago, where she performed in clubs and hotels. She married drummer Kenny Dennis in 1960, with whom she had a son. After their divorce, she married Reverend Wiley Burton in 1974. They had daughters Samantha and Sheryl and grandchildren Lane, Sol, Shane and Chase.

He was a father

Reverend Wiley Burton was a father who believed that family values are important. He loved his children and wanted to pass on the family legacy. He even went so far as to research how to create a family crest. His dedication to his family was apparent in everything he did.

He also taught his children that the word of God is important in their lives. He taught them that Sunday morning worship is not just about a social gathering, but also about learning principles and precepts to live by. He also encouraged his children to be active in their community.

Reverend Wiley Burton and Nancy Wilson were married for 35 years. They never spoke about their marriage publicly, preferring to protect their privacy. They have two daughters, Samantha and Sheryl. Wilson was able to balance her career and motherhood with the help of her husband. She credits him with helping her to stay grounded and focused on the important things in life.

He was a grandfather

In addition to a successful career as an entertainer, Nancy Wilson was also a mother. She had two children with her late husband, Reverend Wiley Burton. She rarely discussed her personal life and made a concerted effort to protect her family’s privacy.

Wiley was a man of family values and loved his immediate and extended families. He was an active member of his church and always made time for family gatherings. He was so dedicated to his family that he even researched how to create a family crest.

Homer Nicholas Burton was born on month day 1907, in birth place, Kentucky. He was the son of Little Woods Burton and Effie L. Burton (born Whitlock). He had 2 siblings and 3 other relatives. He married Christine Burton on month day 1928, in marriage place, Kentucky. They had one son and 1 other child. He died on March 7 2004 at age 56. He was buried in burial place, Alabama.

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