Raymond Burr Net Worth

Raymond Burr Net Worth

Burr was a well-known actor who appeared in many famous films and TV series. He was born in New Westminster, Canada on May 21, 1917. His net worth is $32 million.

He was a hard-working character actor who helped define the film noir villain in the 1940s. He also became the most famous attorney in America with Perry Mason in the ’50s.

He was an actor

Burr was an American actor who had a long career in Hollywood. He starred in several films, including the classic Rear Window, and was also a popular figure on television.

He was born in Canada and moved to the United States when he was a child. He worked as a ranch hand and a deputy sheriff before becoming an actor.

In the early years of his acting career, he was often cast as a villain. He had a number of recurring roles in films noir and earned a reputation as a tough guy.

He later starred in a popular drama series, Perry Mason, which was his most famous role. After this, he made numerous TV films and guest appearances. He was also a popular philanthropist, giving large amounts of money to charity.

He was a director

Burr was a famous American actor who was known for his roles on television shows like Perry Mason and Ironside. He was also a well-known director and teacher.

In addition to his film and television work, Burr was a popular radio personality. He had a good voice and often played either romantic leads or villains in his radio roles.

He was also a philanthropist and helped with various charities throughout his life. He also had a home in Fiji, where he raised cattle and produced copra to make his income.

While he was a successful actor, Raymond Burr was also gay and led a secret life that was hidden from the public. He fabricated stories about his past to protect his privacy. He claimed to have been twice widowed and had a dead son. He also lied about his education.

He was a teacher

Raymond Burr was born on May 21, 1917 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. He was of German, Scottish and Irish descent.

During his early years, Burr moved from town to town and worked odd jobs in order to help his family. He was a ranch hand, a traveling tinted photograph salesman, and even a Forest Service fire guard.

The Great Depression hit his family hard, and Burr quit school at age 13 to work as a farm laborer. He eventually found a career as an actor in 1937, when he began working at the Pasadena Playhouse.

He was a devoted humanitarian who donated large amounts of money to charities and good causes, sponsoring two dozen foster children from around the world. He also took part in a series of fundraisers on television.

After his death, many details of his life came into question. He claimed to be married three times, but it’s unclear whether he actually did. He also said he had a son named Michael, who died of leukemia in 1953.

He was a businessman

Burr had a large estate in Sonoma County, California, where he lived with long-term partner Robert Benevides. They operated a winery and grew orchids.

He also owned a small copra plantation on one of the Fiji Islands. He and Benevides traveled often and enjoyed spending time in tropical destinations.

According to biographer Michael Seth Starr, Burr was an incredibly private man who kept his sexuality concealed from the public. He fabricated several stories to hide his homosexuality, including his marriages with Isabella Ward and Laura Andrina Morgan.

Burr died of cancer in 1993 at the age of 76. He left a $32-million estate to Benevides.

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