Pia Bertolotti

Pia Bertolotti

Pia Bertolotti is a half-sister of the late actress Brittany Murphy. She is currently serving as the National Director of Mobilization for Awaken The Dawn, a grassroots movement of day and night worship, prayer, and missions.

It is reported that the deceased star’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, passed away in January. He was 92 years old and had fought serious health problems.

Brittany Murphy’s Half-Sister

Brittany Murphy’s half-sister Pia Bertolotti is an actress. She has starred in a number of films including The Perfect Match, Conflict of Interest, and Who the F**k is Uncle Joe.

She also worked as a model. She is the daughter of actor Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell.

Despite her tragic death in 2009, she still has a lot of fans. Her father Eddie Murphy is a well-known comedian and actor who has been in the industry for many years.

However, her father has died in 2019. During his funeral, he told people that he didn’t know what happened to his daughter, who disappeared ten years ago.

His brother Tony Bertolotti, who is related to Brittany through their late father Angelo, claims that his sister was murdered. He believes that she was harmed because of her husband Simon Monjack, who was a Hollywood failure.

According to him, three people have control over her estate. Her mother Sharon, a journalist, and a doctor she was treated by.

Awaken The Dawn National Director of Mobilization

Currently, Pia Bertolotti is the National Director of Mobilization for Awaken The Dawn, a national organization that is leveraging God’s presence to catalyze a new Jesus movement in America. She is also an avid traveler with a knack for the big picture.

A Mississippi native, she is married to Jason Reynolds, and they have four beautiful children: Mali, Karli Chase, Lila, and Lucas.

Pia is a true believers in the lord and his grace, displaying her faith on the church altar as well as in her social media presence. She is the proud holder of a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Northwest Mississippi Community College. She is also a proud member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

She has a large fan following on Instagram. She has 534 posts to her credit, and she is certainly a pro at keeping up with her followers. The best part is that she is a family woman!

Brittany Murphy’s Husband

Brittany Murphy was married to Simon Monjack in 2007. He was a British screenwriter who had previously been jailed for overstaying his visa.

The couple got married in a private ceremony at their home in April 2007, but they were not public about it. It was only when an Us Weekly reporter spotted them at the Kentucky Derby that May that the tabloids discovered they had indeed tied the knot.

But, despite their quiet marriage, there have been some unsettling details that have come to light in the months since. One of them is that the actress and her husband were living in the same Hollywood Hills house, which supposedly they didn’t want to live in anymore.

The home is a key factor in the ongoing mystery surrounding the actress’s death. Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, is pursuing a probe into the tragedy. He has also reportedly been trying to get information about her estate. Hopefully, someday we’ll know the full story.

Brittany Murphy’s Children

Brittany Murphy is known for her film career, starring in films such as Clueless, Girl, Interrupted and 8 Mile. She also enjoyed a long-running voice role on the animated King of the Hill.

In 2009, Murphy collapsed in her Hollywood home and died of pneumonia and anemia at the age of 32. She was a mother of two children, including daughter Pia.

She was married to Simon Monjack, a screenwriter. During her marriage, she suffered from a series of health problems.

After her death, her father Angelo Bertolotti filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner, claiming that his daughter had been exposed to toxic chemicals. Eventually, the lawsuit was dropped, but Bertolotti continued to push for additional testing.

His children, Jeff Bertolotti and Pia Jo Reynolds, confirmed the news in separate Facebook posts earlier this week. Jeff remembered his dad as a World War II veteran and mortician who had “a life long career in crime,” including three felony convictions and 12 years behind bars.

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