Patricia Beech

Patricia Beech

Patricia Beech is best known for her marital relationship with Tony Bennett, a renowned jazz singer. She married him on February 12, 1952.

She and Bennett welcomed two children, D’Andrea Bennett (born in 1954) and Daegal Angel Bennett (born in 1955).

Their marriage lasted for 17 years. However, they divorced in 1971.

Patricia Beech’s Age

Patricia Beech was born in Mansfield, New Jersey. Her family is still unknown, but she has a strong American identity.

She went to John Simpson Junior High School and studied at Ohio University. After graduating, she was a model to make ends meet.

Beech married famous musician Tony Bennett in 1952. The couple had two kids together.

They lived in various parts of New York during their marriage, and Bennett prospered in his career. This made him a rich person, and this improved their fortunes.

Moreover, they could afford a lavish lifestyle and attended some red carpet events. They also had a music studio in their home in Englewood, New Jersey.

They divorced in 1971 due to Tony Bennett’s unfaithfulness. He was enamored with wine, women, and partying as he became more famous, and this reckless behavior is what caused the breakup.

Patricia Beech’s Net Worth

Patricia Beech’s net worth is estimated to be millions of dollars. She has received money from her ex-husband Tony Bennett as part of their divorce settlement.

Her former husband Tony Bennett is a renowned American jazz singer and painter, as well as the founder of Frank Sinatra School of Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York. He earns a lot of money from his career.

Beech has lived a quiet life after her divorce from Bennett. She rarely makes the news and has no social media accounts under her known name.

She may still live in Eaglewood, New Jersey, or move to another city in search of a fresh start.

Her two sons grew up with her after their parents separated, and they are now grant winning music makers and sound designers. They stayed close with their father, and they were both influenced by his love for music.

Patricia Beech’s Personal Life

Patricia Beech is a former American model and artist. She is best known as the first wife of renowned jazz singer Tony Bennett.

Beech and Bennett first met at a nightclub in Cleveland, Ohio, after Bennett’s performance there. They soon fell in love and married.

They had two sons together, D’Andrea Bennett and Daegal Bennett. However, their marriage ended in a divorce in 1971.

Since then, Beech has remained away from the spotlight. Her whereabouts are unknown, but she is still alive and well.

Despite her divorce from Bennett, Beech remained involved with her kids. She was a stay-at-home mother and they grew up in an environment where they always knew their father was present in their lives.

Beech’s eldest son, Danny, is now an artist manager and has a career in the entertainment industry. He has also directed a documentary film about his father. He has won several awards for his work. He has also received two Emmy nominations.

Patricia Beech’s Kids

Patricia Beech is a famous former singer. She is the ex-wife of Tony Bennett, a renowned singer who has won many awards and accolades.

Her marriage with Tony Bennett was a long and successful one, but the relationship ended in divorce in 1971. After their divorce, she remained with her two children, Danny Andrea (Danny) Bennett and Daegal Angel (Dae) Bennett.

Patsy grew up with an interest in art and music, which she studied at a college in Cleveland. She also worked as a model to help her make ends meet.

She was able to support her family after her divorce and became a stay-at-home mom. She also kept busy with her kids’ schooling and extracurricular activities. Her two sons are currently in their early twenties.

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