Nick Cannon siblings

The Nick Cannon Brothers

Nick Cannon is a multi-talented actor, comedian, host, rapper, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his work on television shows like The Masked Singer and Wild ‘N Out.

Despite his fame, the “Wild ‘N Out” star has a humble family background. He was raised by his mother and father and has four siblings.


Nick Cannon is a famous American comedian, singer, rapper, and television host. He has hosted The Nick Cannon Show, America’s Got Talent, and Roll Bounce Drumline among others. He also acted in films like Love and War and Command 357.

Gabriel Cannon is a young half-brother of Nick Cannon who is an actor and musician. He is famous for his work on movies like Love War and Command 357.

The two siblings grew up together and started making music from an early age. They formed a musical group called “3YB,” which was under the leadership of their older brother, Nick.

However, their relationship suffered as the brothers became more and more popular. As a result, they decided to separate their relationship and began going their separate ways.

According to reports, Nick’s younger brother, Gabriel, was arrested for attempting to steal camera equipment from Alex Moreno. The incident took place in Studio City, California, and involved a business meeting gone bad. The victim alleged that the robbery was set up by Gabriel and three other assailants.


Reuben Cannon is Nick Cannon’s brother and was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is a casting director and producer who has helped shape and guide some of the most groundbreaking and critically acclaimed film and television projects in Hollywood over the past three decades.

He started his career as a mail room clerk at Universal Studios and went on to become the first black casting director at the studio in 1971. He then began working at Warner Brothers as the head of their television casting department from 1977 to 1978.

He founded his own casting agency in 1978 and has worked with some of the most famous stars in the world. He has cast nearly one hundred television and film shows including Columbo, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The A-Team, The Bernie Mac Show and Get on the Bus. He has also produced several films, including Dancing in September, Women Thou Art Loosed and Diary of a Mad Black Woman.


Caleb is Nick Cannon’s younger brother. He is a singer and rapper like his brothers, and he’s a part of the Wild N Out team as well.

He’s always been a supporter of his siblings and has never failed to do anything to help them out when they needed it. This has helped them get through the struggles they’ve faced throughout their life, especially when it comes to music.

In the season 14 episode of Wild N Out, Nick and his brother Caleb are shown to be very close. They often spend time together and are known to have fun.

However, their relationship has been strained in the past. This is because they have been apart from each other for a long period of time. This has caused them to have a hard time trusting each other. The only reason they’re able to work through their issues is because of the love that they have for each other.


The Cannon brothers are very close, and they have an incredibly tight bond. Their father, James Cannon, was a televangelist and their mother, Beth Gardner, is an accountant.

They all grew up in San Diego’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, which was known for being a gang-ridden area. They also found refuge in the church, where they all learned to love music and performing.

Nick is the oldest of his five siblings, and he has four younger ones – Gabriel, Reuben, Javen, and Caleb – who are all following in his footsteps as entertainment stars.

The brothers are extremely popular in the entertainment world, and they all love music. Their father, James Cannon, was very influential in their lives, and they all grew up singing and performing together.

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