Mike Silva Net Worth

Mike Silva Net Worth

When Darcey and Stacey Silva started pursuing their reality TV dreams, they couldn’t have done it without their father Mike. He’s an international businessman and he’s been generous with his daughters since they started their careers. He even bought them a million-dollar home in Middletown, Connecticut.

Their dad has made them the successful reality stars they are today, and he’s been the driving force behind their success. He’s a businessman who’s been in the industry for decades, and he’s given them the financial security they needed to pursue their dreams.

He’s a businessman who makes money through his businesses and investments, and his investments have helped him earn a large net worth. He’s also the chairman of Maison Worley Parsons, which is one of the largest international engineering and procurement companies.

His business deals in China have contributed to his net worth, as well. He’s also involved in a production company called Eleven Entertainment that has produced two films.

During his career, Mike has worked as the chairman of Maison Worley Parsons and has been involved in many other projects. He’s an impressive businessman and a kind man who will do anything for his family.

He has a huge net worth, which is primarily from his work in China and his income from the production company he runs with his twin daughters. He’s also a generous man, and he loves to give his daughters gifts.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the chairman of Maison Worley Parsons, a Chinese engineering and procurement company. He’s also the CEO of Eleven Entertainment, a production company that he started with his daughters.

In addition to his salary from his work in China, Mike’s other sources of income include a house that he owns in Middletown, Connecticut. He’s also a generous man who has helped his daughters get started in their careers as reality stars and social media influencers.

His wife, Aniko, has also benefited from his support. She’s a fitness model who has a popular Instagram account, as well as a YouTube channel. She has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

The couple met on Instagram, and they began dating six months later. They were married in June 2021.

As of 2021, they have two daughters named Aspen Bollok and Ayanna Bollok. They have a joint Instagram account that has over 2 million followers.

He’s also a businessman who has been in the industry for decades, and a kind man who will do anything to help his family. He’s a big supporter of his daughters’ careers, and he’s even invested in Aniko’s pageant dreams.

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His wife, Aniko, is a fitness model who has a popular YouTube channel and an OnlyFans account. She’s also a fashion enthusiast, and she has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Her parents are Michael and Nancy Silva from Middletown, Connecticut. They both worked in the construction industry before they divorced in 1998.

They had a son, Michael Jr., who died in 1998.

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