Mike Kussman

Mike Kussman – Furniture Designer and Woodworker

Mike Kussman is a furniture designer and woodworker. He is married to Danielle Nicolet.

He is a skilled craftsman who specializes in designing and making custom-made tables for clients. He runs his own company, SLTWTR Co.

His company designs and builds high-quality furniture that is influenced by nature’s beauty. He uses natural materials to create a modern beach vibe in his designs.

He is the husband of Danielle Nicolet

Danielle Nicolet’s husband, Mike Kussman, is a well-known American furniture designer. He is the owner of the custom furnishing brand SLTWTR Co. He has an extensive portfolio of designs, which are all made by hand.

He and Danielle met in Hollywood sometime in the early 2010s. They got together soon afterward, and their relationship has remained stable ever since.

She is a famous actress, and she has had roles in many movies and TV shows. Her credits include 3rd Rock from the Sun, Second Time Around, The Starter Wife, Heartland, and Family Matters.

In addition to acting, she also designs and constructs furniture. Her designs have been sold across the United States and Mexico. She has also shared many pictures of her life with her husband on social media. She often posts tributes to her husband on special occasions such as his birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

He is a furniture designer

Mike Kussman is an American furniture designer and woodworker. He is the husband of actress Danielle Nicolet, who is popular for her roles in several movies and TV shows.

He is from Southern California and spent most of his childhood there. He is a lifelong surfer who uses his artistic eye to create furniture that evokes serenity in homes.

His work is a unique evolution of design and inspiration, built to the highest standards of quality. From his shop in the original surf city of Hermosa Beach, he designs and hand crafts each piece with simple yet innovative purpose. He brings a casual, soulful vibe to even the most intricate and complex applications of woodworking.

He runs a company called SLTWTR Co. He sells handmade custom furniture that is made from high-quality hardwood. Its coffee tables are priced at $4,500, while dining rooms cost $6,000 and more.

He is a woodworker

Mike Kussman is an ardent woodworker who has been working in the industry since a very young age. He learned to build decks and furniture from his father, who was an engineer.

He is known for his unique style of fine craftsmanship and his ability to create beautiful pieces. His company, SLTWTR Co, specializes in handmade, customized tables and other home furniture that are inspired by his love for surfing.

His designs are modern and beachy, combining simplicity with innovative purpose. He uses high-quality wood to create custom furniture that is characterized by an effortless elegance.

He and his wife Danielle Nicolet met in Hollywood in the early 2010s. They went on to get married, and their relationship remains strong to date.

He has a net worth of $1.5 million

Mike Kussman is an American furniture designer, and the husband of Danielle Nicolet. She is a famous actress who has starred in many movies and TV shows, including 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996) and Second Time Around (2004).

Kussman is a very talented furniture designer and his work has been appreciated worldwide. He has his own design company called SLTWTR companies, and he creates luxurious furniture designs for his customers.

He also works as a woodworker. He enjoys building furniture and has an extensive collection of pieces in his home.

In his spare time, he loves surfing and traveling. He and his wife often spend their time together on vacations and adventures.

He and Danielle have been married for several years, and they are very happy in their relationship. They are not planning to have any children yet.

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