Matthew Bulleri

Matthew Bulleri

Matt Bulleri is a film and TV actor. He has worked in over 75 movies and TV series.

He is best known for his work in Real Steel and Spenser Confidential. He also worked on Dear Zoe and Sweet Girl.

He passed away on July 7, 2021 due to a heart attack in Los Angeles. His obituary was announced by Yellowstar member Jan Landon on July 9, 2021.


MattyBRaps is a twelve year old American YouTube sensation who has gained a large fan base thanks to his cover videos of popular music. He has also released a number of original songs, and he is now an established artist in his own right.

The talented rapper, singer, and dancer has an impressive online presence with a huge following on his social media platforms including his YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. He started his career in 2010, and since then, he has been posting covers and remixes of various popular songs on his channel.

He is a native of Duluth, Georgia, and grew up in a loving Christian family with his parents Tawny Morris and Blake Morris. He has three older brothers – Blake Jr., John Michael, and Joshua “Jeebs” – and one sister – Sarah Grace.

Bulleri was an expert actor who served as a chief grip and camera operator in a number of films, including Real Steel, Spenser Confidential, and others. He is also known for his behind-the-scenes work and provided the best shots of numerous movies and TV series.

Matt Bulleri

Matt Bulleri was a camera operator who worked on many TV shows and films. He had a lot of experience in his career and was loved by people around the world.

Sadly, Bulleri passed away on Wednesday, July 7 during the filming of Yellowstone. The actress Jennifer Landon revealed the news on Instagram with a moving tribute.

Alyssa Bulleri, Matt’s wife, is saddened by his death. She has a daughter named Stella who was six months old at the time of his passing.

As of now, $151.9 thousand has been raised for Bulleri’s family via a GoFundMe page set up to support them during this difficult time.

Matt was a key grip who was widely recognized for his work on movies such as Real Steel and Spenser Confidential. He was a dedicated person with a full soul and was the best specialist a movie director could work with.


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Matthew Bulleri is a talented TikTok Star and Instagram Influencer from the United States. He is popular for his eye-catching Pictures and Videos. He is also known for his Looks, Cute Smile, Style, and Amazing Personality.

Previously, Matt Bulleri was a film and television actor. He made his acting debut in 2007 with Blood Ties and went on to work on more than seventy movies.

In addition to acting, he served as a key grip. His credits include Real Steel and Spenser Confidential.

His upcoming projects include Dear Zoe and Sweet Girl. He has also worked on TV series such as Mindhunter and I Am Not Okay With This.

Matt Bulleri was born on Jan. 6, 2003, in Boston, Massachusetts, and he is an American citizen. He is a member of a Christian family. He is currently single.

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