Mathilda Osinski

Mathilda Osinski

Mathilda osinski is a Polish Instagram model who shares a variety of lifestyle and fashion content. She also participated in the Miss Polonia beauty pageant and has amassed a large following on her account. She is married to restaurateur Piotr Gessler and has two children.

He is a married man

mathilda osinski is no stranger to the stage or to the public eye. He has starred in some of Poland’s best loved TV soaps and is also an accomplished dancer having won a glitzy trophy in the Dancing with the Stars competition. He is a devoted family man and the father of two children. He is also an avid sports enthusiast and has competed in several marathons, including the Paris-Dakar rally. In addition to his philantheic endeavors, he is an avid music fan and has been known to sing along to his favorite tunes from time to time.

He has a daughter

Polish journalist and adventurer known for her work on TVN Poland. She has completed the Seven Summits and has also raced at the Paris-Dakar rally. She has also hosted the show Woman at the End of the World. She is married to Piotr Gessler and has a daughter, Lara. She has written several books on food and is a judge on the Polish edition of MasterChef. She has won numerous awards, including the National Geographic Prize and was named the most popular journalist in Poland.

Her father is a famous poet and her mother is a well-known dancer. She studied ballet and has performed in many modern works. She is 5’4′′ tall, but is actually an inch shorter than her mother. She has been in several movies and is also a radio host. She has a net worth of $2 million.

He has a net worth of $2 million

Mathilda osinski is worth $2 million. She is a successful R&B singer who has earned this money through her music career. She is also known for her work with the rappers Cassidy and Fat Joe, and she has a long list of songs to her credit. She is a Boston native, and her net worth is mostly the result of her music career. She is currently single, and her personal life remains unknown to the public.

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