Mark Balelo Net Worth

Mark Balelo Net Worth

If you’re a fan of A&E’s reality TV show Storage Wars, you may have heard about Mark Balelo. He’s a former competitor who was one of the most infamous bidders on the show. But what you might not know is that he had a net worth of almost $500 thousand.

Mark Balelo was born in Machico, Madeira Island, Portugal. He was a Portuguese-born entrepreneur and television personality. Mark also served as an auctioneer and owns an auction house. Earlier, he was a salesman of Mercedes-Benz. During his career, he was named as the nation’s top Mercedes-Benz salesman.

In the year 2011, Mark opened his own auction house called Balelo Auctions. He grew his company steadily. At the time of his death, he was the president and CEO of the company. As part of his role, he would regularly conduct online auctions. The company also handles liquidations and closeouts. This has contributed to Mark’s net worth.

Before becoming an auctioneer, Mark had been a private pilot. When he was a teenager, he lived in Kenya. During a period of civil war, his family was displaced. However, he attended an international school in Kenya and finished his education.

Among the many things that Mark owned, he owned an auction house, a gaming store, a race car, and a wholesale distribution company. Moreover, he was known as an intimidating competitor who brought large sums of money to auctions.

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Mark Balelo also was a frequent locker buyer. For instance, he once found a first-edition Nintendo Entertainment System. At that time, the NES-001 was only worth $10. It was a rare item that Mark was able to acquire. Later, he was able to return the item to Nicolas Cage.

Besides, the man purse that Mark kept became known as the “Murse”. Another one of his ventures was the storage auction business. In fact, he even hosted a live auction before Halloween, dressed as Superman.

As a matter of fact, he bought over 150 storage units a week for his company, Balelo Inc. In total, he was able to bring a total of about $50,000 to each auction. That’s why, his net worth increased substantially.

He was also arrested for drug charges. The cause of his death was carbon monoxide poisoning. Despite the tragic circumstances of his death, Mark’s fans were still paying tribute to him. Many of his co-stars on Storage Wars were quick to offer their condolences. They’ve even gone as far as to post emotional messages on Facebook.

Despite all the troubles that Mark faced throughout his life, he was able to overcome it and earn a net worth of more than five hundred thousand dollars. Among the people who had a big influence on him are his fiancee, Nicolai. She has even posted a very emotional message on Facebook.

On February 11, 2013, Mark Balelo committed suicide. An employee at the auction house discovered him in his car with exhaust fumes coming from the engine.

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