Lord Colin Ivar Campbell

Lord Colin Ivar Campbell

The writer, socialite and TV personality has no scruples about discussing her impressive succession of lovers and their physical accoutrements. She is also blasé about her brief marriage to the younger son of the Duke of Argyll.

Georgia Ziadie married Lord Colin Campbell for just five days 50 years ago. He divorced her shortly afterwards.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

In 2015 Lady C took part in the UK version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and was crowned champion. However, before she starred on the show, she had a much more interesting life than most of us will have experienced.

Born Georgia Arianna Ziadie, the 71-year-old was raised as a male and given a masculine name. Her parents tried to suppress her female hormones, but they were unsuccessful. Despite her childhood struggles, Lady C was happy. She has even written about her experiences in several books.

But, what many people don’t know is that she has an incredibly long and complicated family history. Her father was a wealthy businessman, but he was also a politician and a member of the British Parliament. Her mother was from a noble Scottish family, and she was friends with Princess Diana’s stepmother, Dame Barbara Cartland.

As for Lady C’s pre-fame past, it was a story worthy of a drama script. She was born in 1949 and grew up in Jamaica, where she lived with her parents and siblings. She later married Lord Colin Ivar Campbell, the younger son of the Duke of Argyll. The couple divorced in 1974, but she still uses her married name.

She’s now an author and socialite who has published seven books. Her most recent book is called ‘Meghan and Harry: The Real Story’ and has gone on to become a bestseller. The author has a lot of experience when it comes to critiquing the royal family, which is why her latest claims are so controversial. She alleges that Meghan deliberately created a “mystery” surrounding the birth of her children. She also claims that the Duchess of Sussex has been entrapped by her husband. Her revelations have made her a figure of disrepute in the royal circles, and some fans are calling her out for what they think is fake news.

She’s a Fraud

Despite what her swanky lifestyle and fabulous title would have you believe, Lady Colin Campbell is not an aristocrat. She’s a writer who has made a fortune writing books like her best seller on Diana, Diana in Private which revealed her mental health issues and unhappy marriage. She’s also written a book about Queen Elizabeth II and her family that is in the current top 10 on the New York Times bestseller list.

In her latest book, ‘She’s a Fraud: Why Princesses Fail Their Loved Ones’ she claims that royals have been abused by men in the past and that this is why so many of them fail their spouses. She claims that this has been going on for years and that the public should know what goes on behind the scenes at the palace.

She shot to fame in 1992 with her first book Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows which was an unauthorized biography of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. The book revealed details of her mental health issues and unhappy marital life which was based on information she got from a close common friend of Diana’s.

In a short-lived marriage in 1974, she married the younger son of the Duke of Argyll, who gave her the courtesy title of ‘Lady Colin Campbell’. It lasted only nine months but she still uses the title to this day.

She’s also appeared on a number of TV shows including Through the Keyhole where she was interviewed by Keith Lemon and took him around her crumbling 18th Century castle in Scotland called Goring. She hopes that her appearance on I’m a Celebrity will help her raise enough money to repair the lead roof, which thieves recently stole from her. It’s not known how much she earns from her writing career and modeling but it’s likely to be in the millions and she’s definitely a multi-millionaire.

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