Lil Durk Baby Mamas

Lil Durk Baby Mamas

Rapper Lil Durk is a proud father of six kids with five different women. He reportedly started dating Nicole Covone in 2008, who is the mother of his two eldest children, Angelo and Bella.

The rapper also has three kids with Tameka Kute, and he’s currently in a relationship with India Royale. She’s the mother of his sixth child, Willow Banks.

Nicole Covone

Nicole Covone is a popular American entrepreneur and social media personality. She is mostly recognized as the ex-wife of Lil Durk and the mother of his two children.

She is a model and an entrepreneur who is famous for her looks and fitness. She is also known for her philanthropy.

She married rapper Lil Durk in 2008 and they shared two children together. Their first child was Angelo Banks in 2011. In 2013, they had a baby girl named Bella Banks. However, the pair decided to separate when Lil Durk had a baby with another woman in 2013.

Tameka Kute

Tameka Kute is a famous American singer and former member of Xscape. She is also a mother and social media star.

She became a mother for the first time on 20 March 1996 when she gave birth to her daughter Zonnique Jailee Pullins.

Lil Durk is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois, who has been on the Billboard Hot 100 with his single “Viral Moment”. He has also released a number of albums and songs.

He has a number of children with different women. Some of them are Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Zayden Banks and Du’mier Banks.

India Royale

India Royale is a social media influencer and model. She is known for sharing content that is related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on her various social media accounts.

She is also a YouTuber, content creator, and entrepreneur. She has a huge following on Instagram and her channel.

India and Lil Durk have been together since 2017, and they share a daughter named Willow Banks. In December 2021, Durk proposed to her on stage during a local radio station’s Big Jam concert in Chicago.

Du’mier Banks

The famous rapper Lil Durk is a father to a number of children. His fourth child is Du’mier Banks.

Despite his young age, he is already very popular and well-known. He is a Chicago native and holds an American nationality.

He enjoys watching cartoon movies, traveling, playing indoor and outdoor games, and listening to music.

He is the son of famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Durk Derrick Banks. He is also the brother of Zayden Banks and Skyler Banks.

Skyler Banks

Lil Durk is a famous rapper known for his work in the music industry. He is a principal member and founder of the Chicago rap collective Only the Family.

He is also the father of several children, including Skyler Banks. She has five half siblings, including Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Zayden Banks, Du’mier Banks, and Willow Banks.

Her father’s name is Durk Derrick Banks, popularly known as Lil Durk. He is a famous rapper and vocalist.

Willow Banks

Willow Banks is the daughter of famous American rapper Lil Durk and his girlfriend India Royale. She is the sixth child born to her father.

She is a celebrity kid, but she lives a lavish lifestyle as the daughter of a famous star.

Her parents make a good living from their jobs and they both are reportedly worth $3 million.

Willow Banks has a sister Skyler Banks, who also rose to fame as the daughter of Lil Durk and Tameka Kute. She also has 5 half-siblings named Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Zayden Banks, Du’mier Banks, and Willow Banks.

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