Jonathan Isaac Wife

Jonathan Isaac and His Wife Alyssa Casimir

Jonathan Isaac plays basketball professionally for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is a native of Naples, Florida. He attended Barron Collier High School for two years and the International School of Broward for his junior and senior years. He then attended IMG Academy for what is referred to as a post-graduate year in 2016.

He is currently engaged to Takita Nicole Thomas. This celebrity couple is very religious and is often seen at various church events.

Alyssa Casimir

Alyssa Casimir is a talented, hard-working, and intelligent woman. She was a kind-hearted person and loved her family very much. She was a great traveler and often uploaded her traveling images on her social media handles. She was a good-looking girl with an ideal slim body. She also had a pet dog, which she often showed off in her TikTok videos.

She is a Physical Therapist with an active license in the state of Washington. She specializes in treating people with health problems that result from disease or injury. She treats them using physical means such as heat, cold, water, electricity, massage, and exercise.

Alyssa has an amazing personality and a charming smile. She is also a dedicated and hard-working individual who loves her job very much. She has a lot of fans and followers who love her for her talent and hard work. She is a very active person and loves to spend her time with her family.

Married on July 2, 2020

Jonathan Isaac, an American professional basketball player, plays for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is also a former member of the Florida State Seminoles men’s basketball team. He is an incredibly talented and athletic player.

He is a very religious person and follows Christianity. He often attends Jump Ministries Global Church in Orlando, where he gives sermons. He is very close to his family and they support him in every aspect of his life. They often visit the ground to watch his matches and cheer him up.

He recently got engaged to his girlfriend named Takita Nicole Thomas. She is a very understanding and supportive girl. She has been seen in several game events supporting her future husband. They are expected to get married soon.

Alyssa’s Family & Friends

Jonathan Isaac is an NBA player who has a solid following thanks to his success on the court. But he’s also an active member of his community, working with the Orlando Magic to give back.

He’s a devout Christian and often hosts events for his church. For example, he recently co-hosted the J.U.M.P Ministries Global Seafood Festival for Project Life. He and his wife Takita, who’s a Christian rapper, also performed.

The pair also works with Jump Ministries Global Church of Orlando to provide food and essentials to local kids during the coronavirus pandemic. Because of his grandfather’s Puerto Rican ancestry, Isaac is eligible to play for the Puerto Rico national team.

His parents are also very close to him, and they’re always by his side during every phase of his career. They even visit the basketball ground to watch his matches and cheer him up when he’s not playing well. Their love for each other is a huge part of why they’re so supportive of his career.

Alyssa & Jonathan’s Engagement

Jonathan Isaac was born on 3 October 1997 and plays for the Orlando Magic in the National Basketball Association. He played one season of college basketball with the Florida State Seminoles before being drafted sixth overall by Orlando. Isaac is known for his high-energy play and defensive instincts, as well as his innate ability to read the game. He is also a devout Christian, which has helped him through the many obstacles he has faced in his career.

Despite the difficulties he has experienced in the past, Isaac remains focused on his goals and is confident that he will return to form on the court. He credits his faith and family for helping him through his injury and recovery.

His mother, Jackie Allen, is a health worker and was born in Cayon, St. Kitts, a Caribbean island. She is of Puerto Rican descent and this has made Isaac eligible to play for the Puerto Rican national team.

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