Johannes Vermeer Cause of Death

Johannes Vermeer Cause of Death

Johannes Vermeer was a famous Dutch painter who produced paintings that continue to mesmerize audiences around the world. He is considered to be one of the greatest artists in the history of art.

He was born in Delft, Netherlands and is known for his luminous paintings that are characterized by soft light and intricate details. He also used a technique called camera obscura to project the scene onto his canvas.

Cause of Death

Johannes Vermeer was a famous Dutch Baroque artist who made a lasting impact on the art world. He is known for his luminous and meticulous paintings, which feature soft light and intricate details.

Johannes was born in Delft, Netherlands, in 1632. He grew up in a middle-class household and was influenced by his father, who worked as an art dealer.

He married Catharina Bolenes, who was a Catholic. They had 15 children together, and four of them died very young.

According to his wife, he was suffering from depression and madness at the time of his death. This may have been caused by the economic crisis that occurred in the Netherlands during his lifetime, as well as the wars that were raging at the time.

He was buried in the ‘Oude Kerk’ church in Delft on December 15, 1675. He left his wife and family with significant financial debts to pay off.


Vermeer was a famous Dutch painter who died in 1675. His paintings are some of the most acclaimed works of the Golden Age of Dutch art and his legacy has inspired many works of popular culture including movies, music, and novels.

Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft on October 31, 1632, the son of Reynier Janszoon and Digna Baltus. His father was a silk weaver who also registered in the Saint Luke’s Guild as an art dealer, and by 1631 had sufficient income to own an inn on the market square in Delft.

He married Catharina Bolnes, who was born into a family of piety and wealth. Her mother, Maria Thins, was a devotee of the Jesuit order in the Catholic Church, and it is believed that she encouraged Vermeer to convert to Catholicism before their wedding in April 1653.

When Vermeer died he left his wife and children with very little money and numerous debts. After his death, Catharina and her daughter Maria sold nineteen of his paintings to pay off their creditors.


Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter, who was known for his innovation in art and his mastery of the use of light. His paintings were considered to be some of the best in the Baroque period and are still widely admired today.

Vermeer was born in Delft, Netherlands. He died in 1675 and is believed to have passed away from depression and madness.

He is believed to have been the second most famous painter in the Dutch Baroque period after Rembrandt. However, his career was short, and he left only 34 paintings.

His early education is unclear, but he is thought to have apprenticed with Leonart Bramer and later worked under the Catholic painter Carel Fabritius. The latter is suspected to have tutored him, but there is not enough evidence to support this theory.

He was married to Catharina Bolnes, a daughter of a well-to-do Catholic family in Delft. During their marriage, they went through several difficult times as their parents were not in support of their union. Their relationship was also plagued by domestic abuse, and their children suffered from trauma caused by their father’s violent behavior.


Johannes Vermeer was a painter who was born in Delft, Netherlands. He was a great artist who influenced the world of painting and was known as the Master of Light.

He painted religious and classical scenes in his early career. However, he later changed his style and began to paint everyday life scenes.

His paintings were popular because they were peaceful and quiet. They were also beautiful in style and technique.

In his paintings, he used light to create a sense of depth and realism. He also used a lot of color and texture to make his pictures look more real.

He was a great painter who had a rich life and family. He married a Catholic woman named Catharina Bolenes, and her mother financially supported him. But Vermeer had a hard time with his finances due to the war between France and Holland in 1672. This caused a lot of problems for him and his family.

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