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Dee Breuer – Jim Breuer Wife

Jim Breuer is a famous stand-up comedian, actor, musician, and radio host. He is best known for his role on Saturday Night Live and in the movie Half Baked.

Breuer and his wife Dee have been married for over three decades. They live in Naples, Florida.

Dee Breuer is a Celebrity Wife

Dee Breuer is a celebrity wife of renowned comedian and host Jim Breuer. They have been married for over two decades and run a very happy home. However, their family has been faced with the threat of cancer for a long time.

In 2012, Dee was diagnosed with breast cancer stage one and she underwent successful treatment. But, soon after the family thought the worst was over, she was once again diagnosed with cancer on her lymph nodes in 2015.

She and her husband are both very positive about their diagnosis and treatment and they have found ways to manage the disease. They are thankful for every day that they get to spend with each other.

They are a very close-knit family and have three daughters. They have kept them away from the media and raised them with love. Their daughters Gabrielle, Kelsey, and Dorianne live with them in Chester Township, New Jersey.

She is a Contributor on Her Husband’s Podcast

Dee Breuer is the wife of ace comedian Jim Breuer. She is a contributor on her husband’s podcast and regularly shares her views about life and cancer. She is also a source of encouragement for many people who are battling cancer.

She has also been diagnosed with cancer, and she is doing her best to fight the disease. Her husband is always there for her and has encouraged her to keep fighting the disease until it is gone.

Her husband, Jim Breuer, has been a standup comedian and actor for several years. He has worked on Saturday Night Live and Half Baked among others.

He has three daughters, Gabrielle, Dorianne, and Kelsey. He disclosed that he walked away from the spotlight, which may have hurt his career, but he wanted his children to be raised in a safe environment.

Their first daughter is opinionated and almost painfully politically correct, while their second one is the peacemaker and funniest of the three. She does characters and imitations well.

She Has Three Children

Dee Breuer has three children, Gabrielle (born in 1999), Kelsey (born in 2003), and Dorianne (born in 2004). She was married to her husband, Jim Breuer on August 28th, 1993.

She is a housewife, and she has relied on her husband’s income to provide for the family. She lives in Naples, Florida with her husband and their two daughters.

Her husband is a former member of the cast of Saturday Night Live, and he has appeared on many TV shows and radio programs. He also hosts a daily show on Sirius XM, called Fridays with Jim Breuer.

He is a very talented comedian and has been performing for more than 25 years. He combines his signature bits with family humor to create a show that is often entertaining.

His wife is battling cancer, and her condition is getting worse every day. Nevertheless, she is doing everything she can to fight against the disease. She is very optimistic about her chances of survival.

She Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

Dee Breuer is a well-known American actress and comedian, and she is married to the popular jim breuer. She is a very strong woman and she has always been supportive of her husband, even when he was suffering from health issues.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and her treatment was successful. However, in 2015 she was again diagnosed with cancer on her lymph nodes.

Despite her cancer, she remains optimistic and she has been a pillar of support to her family. She regularly contributes to her husband’s podcast and discusses her views on life, their family, and relationships among other things.

Her husband also revealed that they never viewed their cancer battle as a sad one, but instead as a positive journey. They are thankful for every single minute they get to spend together as a family and they don’t take their health struggles lightly.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Jim Breuer shared how he and his wife, Dee, have dealt with her stage four cancer diagnosis. He said that their faith has helped them stay positive and they are thankful for every moment they have with each other.

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