Jessica Seanoa

Jessica Seanoa – Wife of Samoa Joe

If you are a wrestling fan, then you must be familiar with Jessica Seanoa. She is the wife of Samoa Joe, a professional wrestler who has worked for TNA and WWE.

She was born on March 17, 1979, in Orange County, California, United States. She is of Caucasian descent and follows Christianity.

She is married to Samoa Joe

The American pro-wrestler, Nuufolau Joel Seanoa, popularly known by his ring name Samoa Joe, married Jessica Seanoa in July 27, 2007. Prior to tying the knot, these two lovebirds had been dating for quite some time and swore an oath to spend their life together.

They are one of the happiest couples, with no reports of divorce or fallouts. It is also interesting to note that they are yet to become parents and do not possess any children.

Their relationship has been stable, thanks to their understanding of each other’s needs for personal space. This is why they have managed to stay married for so long.

She is a beautiful woman with brown eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin. She has a lean and trim physique. She is not known for revealing her body measurements, so we have not been able to find out her actual height or weight. However, we will update this information once it becomes available.

She is a celebrity wife

Jessica Seanoa is the wife of Samoa Joe, a world class wrestler and current WWE United States champion. They tied the knot on July 27, 2007 in a private ceremony and are among the happiest couples around.

The couple is also one of the most stylish celebrities out there with a penchant for luxury and elegance. They live the high life in an extravagant Orange County residence.

She is a beautiful woman with fair skin, gorgeous blonde hair, and captivating brown eyes. She is also known for her slim and slender physique.

She hasn’t given the media much detail about her weight and other body measurements, but she does look to be on the petite side of things. She is certainly a model of the modern age and has made herself quite the fashionista in her own right. Moreover, she is one of the best looking celebrity wives out there and has made quite the impression on her husband and the adoring public.

She is a mother

She is the wife of Samoa Joe, a professional wrestler. They were married on July 27, 2007.

She has been with her husband for 15 years. They are one of the most successful couples in the wrestling world.

Jessica was born in the Marshall Islands and raised in Oregon. She currently lives in Orange County, California. She works as a program administrator for Equity in OC, a community-based organization.

Her responsibilities include developing and implementing programs for a variety of clients in the community. She also oversees the administrative work of her team.

In addition to her work as a community organizer, she also serves as a crisis counselor for Pacific Islander Health Partnership (PIHP). She is a volunteer coordinator for AmeriCorps Vista.

She has fair skin, blonde hair, and captivating brown eyes. She also has a slim and slender body type. She is not open about her weight or body measurements in the media.

She is a professional wrestler

Samoa Joe is a professional wrestler who is known for his grueling matches and bloody feuds. He has won several titles in his career and is also one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE.

His wife, Jessica Seanoa, was born on October 18, 1988. She is an American citizen and is currently in her mid-30s.

She married the two-time WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe on July 27, 2007. The couple has been together for a long time and is considered one of the most happy couples with no reports of a breakup or divorce.

The two love birds were dating for a long time before they decided to get married and take the oath of living together for the rest of their lives.

Despite their grueling and risky careers, Samoa and his wife are enjoying the perks of having an extensive bank balance. They own a luxurious house in Orange County and travel often.

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