Jenine Wardally

Jenine Wardally

Jenine Wardally is a businesswoman and philanthropist. She is the wife of Juwan Howard, a professional basketball player.

Currently, she is working as a writer for the New York Times Magazine. Her articles focus on issues that are relevant to our times, including technology, media, pop culture, health, and human rights.

Born on February 7, 1975

The actress and singer Jenine wardally was born on February 7, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her role as Theresa Donovan on Days of Our Lives.

She studied at Cave Spring High School and earned her degree from the University of Virginia with magna cum laude honors. She also acted in several movies and TV shows.

Besides acting, she has also become a model and fitness enthusiast. She gained popularity by posting body-positive workout results and fashion photos on her Instagram account.

She is married to Juwan Howard and they have two children together. Their sons are named Jace and Jett. The couple is a happy family and they enjoy a close bond with each other. They have been together since July 6, 2002, and they are incredibly in love with each other.

Married to Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard is a former professional basketball player who is currently a head coach for the Michigan Wolverines. He was also a co-assistant coach for the Miami Heat from 2013 to 2019.

Jenine Wardally is a married woman who got married to Juwan Howard on July 6, 2002. The couple has two kids, Jace and Jett.

The two have been together for 20 years and are very happy with their marriage. They try to keep their private life away from the public eye.

In her spare time, she enjoys going on vacation with her husband. She even enjoys jet skiing and sunbathing.

She is very proud of her children. She says that she would not be where she is today without her husband’s support and encouragement.

She is also a famous actress who has appeared in several movies and TV shows. She is best known for her role as Theresa Donovan on the popular soap opera Day of Our Lives. She starred in this role from July 2013 to November 2016.

Net worth

Jenine Wardally is a well-known businesswoman and philanthropist. She is married to Juwan Howard and has two sons, Jace and Jett.

She is also a singer and actress, and has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Her role as Katnis Everdeen in The Hunger Games movie series won her a lot of recognition, and she has also won many awards for her performance.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million. She has a large following on social media, and she earns a good amount of money from her career.

She has been acting since she was a child, and she has appeared in a number of TV shows and films. She also hosts a few television shows and is an author. She has a lovable personality and a charming appearance. She is also a home renovation specialist and the author of a book, Whine: 50 Perfect Wines to Pair with Your Child’s Bad Behavior.


Jenine Wardally is a prominent Instagram star with over 1.1 million followers. She is also a well-rounded personality that loves to share her interests and experiences with her fans. Her favs include sports, food and fashion.

She is one of the few celebrities to date who have a well-rounded life balancing work, family and hobbies. She is a wife of NBA basketball star Juwan Howard and the proud mother of two sons, Jace and Jett.

She is a savvy entrepreneur who makes it a point to support causes and organizations that are close to her heart. She is an avid philanthropist and has built a charitable organization that aims to make the world a better place for all of us. She has also been known to take the high road in her relationships with other celebrities and politicians. The most interesting aspect of her life is the fact that she has never had to deal with a divorce or break up, a rarity in her family’s history.

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