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Janis Ross Net Worth

Janis Ross is an American singer. She has been married to Larry Gatlin for many years.

During her high school years, she was a rebellious girl. She wore short skirts and drank a lot of alcohol.

However, she was a smart student and managed to get straight A’s in her college life. She was also a good cook and a wonderful mother to her children.

About Janis Ross

Janis Ross is an award-winning HR executive at Procter & Gamble. Her work is geared towards maintaining the happiness of employees and creating a culture that enables them to thrive.

She has a plethora of duties to perform at P&G, including overseeing employee retention, cultivating company culture and ensuring a high level of productivity. She also works on enhancing the organization’s brand recognition through employee engagement and promoting the benefits of working for Procter & Gamble to potential candidates.

Her net worth is unknown but she is often spotted at awards ceremonies and high-end parties with her celebrity husband, Larry Gatlin. She has been married to the country music star since August 9, 1969 and is a proud mother of two children. The couple has been together for more than five decades and enjoys traveling, exploring new places and spending time with their grandkids.

Biographical Information

Janis Ross, born Diana Ernestine Earle Ross, is an American singer. She is best known for her role as lead singer of the Supremes.

She was born on March 26, 1944, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She was the second child of Fred and Ernestine Ross.

The family lived in a housing project, where she was encouraged to pursue singing by a local group. She started taking classes in cosmetology and eventually landed a job with a singing group called the Primettes.

Her career began to take off when she went to Germany, where she met the singer Bernd Cluver, who gave her a chance to perform at a restaurant. Since then, she has been a very successful performer and songwriter.

She also made her acting debut in a film called Lady Sings the Blues, where she was nominated for an Academy Award. She went on to make several films, including Mahogany, which was a success at the box office despite a lack of critical support.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Janis Ross is not documented. However, her husband, Larry Gatlin has an estimated net worth of $10 million from his decades-long music career.

As an actress, Ross was awarded the New York Film Festival’s Best Actress award in 1978 and 1979. Her roles in Lady Sings the Blues as blues singer Billie Holiday and Mahogany as jazz pianist Ethel Waters helped her build a reputation.

Her sultry voice and impeccable talent led to her being called “the queen of soul.” She later became a successful solo artist.

Her life has been a whirlwind of travel, and she has lived in Canada, Dublin, Venice, Los Angeles, Houston and now Texas. Her most cherished role is that of mother and wife to her daughter, Juliette.

Marriage to Larry Gatlin

Janis Ross is a famous country singer. Her husband, Larry Gatlin, is a successful country music singer and songwriter.

They have two children: Josh Cash Gatlin and Kristin Gatlin Spencer. They have been married since 1969.

The couple is proud of their son and spend a lot of time together. They also enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

After checking the social media accounts of the couple, we found out that they are enjoying a happy and peaceful life with their family. They often share photos of their son on Instagram.

In addition to singing, Janis Ross has been a successful actress. Her starring role in the 2006 romantic comedy musical drama movie ‘Dreamgirls’ was an inspiration for many artists.

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