Janet Lee Constantine

Janet Lee Constantine

Janet Lee Constantine is the wife of the renowned singer Leon Russell. She was married to him on 6th February 1983.

Russell is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who had a long career. He released a number of bestselling albums in various genres. He died at the age of 74 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Leon Russell

A legend of the music world, Leon Russell made a name for himself with his piano playing and songwriting. He was a highly sought-after session musician who played on countless hit songs by artists of all stripes.

He also helped pioneer the country music genre. He teamed up with Willie Nelson to record the album One for the Road, which quickly went platinum.

His music was influenced by everything from jazz to country, blues, and rock. He wrote songs that were covered by a wide range of artists, including Ray Charles, B.B. King, The Carpenters, Joe Cocker and more.

Russell grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he studied at Will Rogers High School and began his career as a musician. He later moved to Los Angeles and became a well-known session player. He recorded with many notable musicians, such as Herb Alpert, the Byrds, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Bob Dylan. He also embarked on a solo career in the 1970s.

Married Life

The wife of Leon Russell, Janet Lee Constantine, has enjoyed quite a bit of media attention for her role in the music industry. The two are a happy couple who enjoy an enviable lifestyle together.

Leon Russell was born Claude Russell Bridges on April 2, 1942, in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. He was a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who had a successful career that spanned more than six decades. He was known for releasing several bestselling albums in multiple genres, including rock, country, gospel, and R&B.

His heyday was in the late ’60s and early ’70s. He also wrote several books, including his autobiography. He was a well-known charitable philanthropist and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. Other than his many musical accolades, Leon Russell had a storied marriage to Mary McCreary that came to an end when they divorced in 1980. Fortunately for both parties, their son Teddy Jack has been able to maintain a close relationship with his father despite their separation.


Janet Lee Constantine is a world renowned actress and singer. She is the proud wife of a legendary musician, Leon Russell, and has a plethora of awards and accolades to her name. She is also a mother of three. Her children include Blueeagle, Tina Rose, and Teddy Jack.

Leon Russell was a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter whose career spanned more than six decades. He performed in several genres, including rock and roll, country, gospel, and R&B, among others. In addition, he authored a number of books and has a large public following. The most popular song of his is “A Song for You” which has been covered by more than 200 artists. He has been awarded a number of major awards for his contributions to the music industry. The most noteworthy is his nomination for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s prestigious lifetime achievement award. The best part is that he can rest easy knowing that his legacy will continue for many years to come.

Net Worth

Janet Lee constantine is the wife of Leon Russell. She married the rockstar in February 1983.

Until her marriage with Russell, she had been married to Mary McCreary from 1975 to 1980. They had two children, Tina Rose and Teddy Jack.

The singer Leon Russell died on November 13, 2016. He had been battling heart disease for a long time.

His 1970 song, “A Song for You”, has been covered by more than 200 artists.

In addition to music, he was also a politician. He served as a Florida senator from 2000 to 2010.

The musician Leon Russell was born on April 2, 1942 in Lawton, Oklahoma. He died on November 13, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. He was a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He specialized in rock, country, gospel and R&B. He was also a session musician.

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