Jack Marshall Burton

Jack Marshall Burton

Jack Marshall Burton is the son of American actor Steve Burton and his wife Sheree Gustin. He is well-known for his role as Jason Morgan on General Hospital.

He also appeared in the science fiction miniseries Taken and Steven Spielberg’s The Last Castle. He has voiced Cloud Strife in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Steve Burton

Steve Burton was born on June 28, 1970 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an American actor who has starred in a number of television shows and movies, including Out of This World, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Steven Spielberg’s mini-series Taken, and The Last Castle with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini.

He is also a voice actor who voices Cloud Strife in Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy VII video games. He is a regular on The Young and the Restless and has also won a Daytime Emmy Award for his role as Dylan McAvoy.

Burton is married to Sheree Gustin and has three kids. They are Makena Grace Burton, 18, Jack Marshall Burton, 16, and Brooklyn Faith Burton, 7.

Jack’s Parents

Jack Marshall Burton is a very private person and rarely shares his thoughts on social media. However, it is clear that he has an interest in the movie industry just like his father.

His parents are Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin. They married in 1999 and became parents to three children.

Currently, they have two daughters and a son.

Sheree and Steve are very happy with their family. They love spending time with their kids and focus on their good health.

He also has a company, Burton Nutrition, which supplies workout necessities and supplements.

He started acting in 1986 and got his first role as Chris Fuller on Out of This World in 1987. The following year, he was cast as Harris Michaels on Days of Our Lives.

Jack’s Personal Life

Jack Marshall Burton is a young American actor who has gained much popularity due to his father, Steve Burton. He is a talented actor and enjoys a huge fan following on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

He is known for his role on General Hospital as Jason Morgan and won a Daytime Emmy Award for his performance. He also portrayed Harris Michaels on Days of Our Lives and was a regular on The Young and the Restless.

However, his family life is not as stable as it appears to be in the media. He has been a part of numerous divorces and separations.

Despite this, Jack Marshall is still a very happy and healthy child. He loves to spend time with his parents and siblings and is extremely fond of them.

Jack’s Education

Jack Marshall Burton is a talented performer who has been playing the piano since he was 4 years old. He holds a BA Honours degree in Jazz and has passed all ABRSM piano grades. He has also attended several composition and performance courses to further his musical talents.

Jack was born on March 26, 2006. He is the son of Steve Burton and his wife, Sheree Gustin.

His father is an actor who has starred in many movies and TV shows. He has won numerous awards in his career, including a Soap Opera Digest Award and a Daytime Emmy Award.

He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has also been a church leader for a long time.

He wrote the original poem that eventually became The Nightmare Before Christmas. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie, which was adapted by Henry Selick and Tim Burton.

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